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New dragon mommy and have some questions!


New member
Hi everyone! I’m a first time dragon mom and would like to know everything I need to know about these little guys and would also like to know what morph he might be, as I’m a shift supervisor at a Pet Supplies Plus and we just get them in as fancies with no description! Thank you all in advance!


BD.org Sicko
Welcome to the forum--- the pics didnt come up and I am so glad you work at a Pet Store and have come here for advice now you can pass it on to people who are buying these dragons w/ correct info --first I am going to tell you NO coil UVB's - NO stick ons for basking temps and NO colored bulbs NO sand NO heat rocks or mats --- you need a digital probe thermometer for accurate basking temps and a long tube fixture for UVB-- if you have a small tank like a 20 gallon a T 8 will work for now but once upgrading to a larger tank 75-120 gallon is recommended for adult dragons you will need a T 5 - both of those bulbs take different fixtures --- please ask questions as we go along and I will answer as best as I can -- the Reptisun 24" fixture will come w/ a 5.0 bulb which is basically a T 8 and the you can upgrade to the 10.0 T 5 bulb --
https://www.beardeddragon.org/useruploads/ click on XIMG at the top of the message box then click on the pic it should post
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