New Deformed Hatchling

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they are completely adorable! as for the deformed one i really dont reccomend worms yet. little ones have a kink in the digestive tract so impaction is easy for them. i really reccomend baby food mixed with a calcium and multivitamin suppliment. They also have some crude fat suppliments for anorexic dragons. i would reccomend this so she gets the fat she needs. hopefully as she grows she will straighten out or at least be healthy. if she is running then she must be pretty good. if you do worms, i dont suggest ones with shells. My littlest one was impacted and it really stunted his growth. he barely ate for the longet time. a few weeks of baby food and he now prefers crickets as big as his head. lol. he wont touch the pinkys. GOOD LUCK

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Lisa....they are so sweet looking! :D
That's wonderful that the balance and eating is getting better. You sure have your hands full with those two.
Please do keep us posted on the babies. Good luck and Bless you for taking on the extra responsiblity of caring for these two.


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Sorry to leave everyone hanging. :oops:

Both Pinky and Princess are doing great, they both use the bathroom and have learned balance pretty well. They are not growing very fast but they are able to chase and digest appropriately sized crickets. :blob8: :blob5: :blob8: :blob5: :blob8:

Thank you for all the support.
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