New creepy crawly???

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So I'm cleaning out my roach colony and I found some little creepy crawly in there. It looks like it may be some sort of beetle larva but idk. I'm not sure how to get pix on here so I can show y'all but any he'll would be greatly appreciated.
You might have a cleaner in there. I don't breed roaches but I know where I buy mine from sells something they call a "cleaner crew." At one stage it looks like a fuzzy mean little catapiller, but it can also be a little black beetle. They eat the roach poop & dead roaches.

Check out West Coast Roaches to see pictures. I know I got a beetle in one of my orders & asked.

Hope that's what it is?


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Just looked at the pix on west coast roaches. It looks similar but this lil creepy crawly is black in color. I'm gonna do some investigating today. Will let y'all know what I come up with. :)
I just discovered several of the fuzzy, crawly stage ones and a few grown beetles in my colony feeding on dead roaches. I got a little freaked out and thought maybe they had killed the roaches so I did my best to pick them all out and put them outside and freeze. It appears they're these Dermistid beetles so maybe it was coincidence and I'll let them stay if I see more. Could it be possible they came in in the latest shipment I received about 2 weeks ago? There was nothing in there before then and I've had the colony for about 2 months.


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It's very possible! Of course, they go through different stages of growth so there's no telling when you got them. They shouldn't do any harm, in fact, may help keep things cleaner. Me? I'm a bit of a perfectionist, I don't like cleaner crews in my tub.

Keep in mind, though... the places you get roaches from work on a much larger scale than you and I do. Having those crews in there helps keep things... well... CLEAN. :D I wouldn't worry about it too much. If anything it's a matter of personal preference.
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