New cage/ROCK build...what do you guys think? ITS DONE!!!!!!

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Yes sir I am, I go by sobe on there as well. I've been looking through probally hundreds of these viv/rock build threads the past few weeks on different forums and I have to say I was a little surprised to see the bolt face logo on one of the backgrounds.

Do you have the same username on arfcom? Gotta say again your build looks great, definately inspirational. hoping to start on mine in the spring. Got my first layer of grout on my background tonight, just wish it hadn't been under 30 degrees outside.


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Looked at every pic, but 2 of them wouldnt load lol
I love it at first i thought the rocks looked terrible then i kept going and you added detail and it was awesome!!!
Great work! Wish i had access to a shop i would get the plans from ya and make these they are beautiful


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this is actually my girlfriends account, I use it from time to time when i update something for her. My handle over on arfcom is "screen-name". I post in the HTF alot. I somehow try and put the bolt face logo in everything i build. Im not sure if the pics from my coffee table i built are on that link, but it has a huge bolt face logo on the corner inlayed with african zebra wood.

thanks for the complements guys! I tried to take as many pics as i could along the build so people could get a clear pic of what i was doing....and yes...the rocks looked HORRABLE at first. I had no idea what i was doing. but thankfully we got it figured out.
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