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New beardie worrying behavior


New member
Hi all!
Three weeks ago I got my first bearded dragon, I think he’s about 2 month old. He seemed active and lively in pet shop, but since I brought him home I’ve been worried about him.
My setup:
90x45x45 cm exoterra tank;
100w basking bulb in dome;
2 26w UWB200 exoterra bulbs, mounted in large reflector with 2 reptile vision bulbs. UVB mounted within 20-25 cm from basking spot with no mesh.
temps are 40 C basking spot, 28-30 in the middle and 23-25 cold end, measured with temp gun.
humidity 20-30% all day.
First of all, I don’t know if it’s normal or not, he is constantly basking in his log with squinted eyes. He also sometimes bulges and twitches them. Sometimes he’s scratching them or rubbing head of his log. At first I thought he was preparing to shed, but he has been doing it for 2 weeks with no change, so I’m starting to get worried.
Second, he is not active throughout day, he just basking in his log with closed eyes 80% of daytime. I think I saw him exploring maybe 2 times. When he’s not on log he’s usually climbs on background and just stays there. He eats and poops 1-2 times a day, but very little. I feed him in separate container, because he isn’t chasing crickets inside his tank and it’s a pain to get them out afterwards. He eats like 3-4 crickets and 1-2 roaches (1 cm) twice a day and maybe 1-2 small hornworms occasionally and then just tries to get out of his feeding box.
I love my beardie very much and I want the best for him, but I don’t know what could be wrong with him. I appreciate your support!


BD.org Sicko
Staff member

He is a little cutie.
The UVB lights you have are compact/coil light or tube bulbs? It sounds like they are the
compact/coil lights based on his eye squinting. Can you post a picture that includes your
lighting too, that would be helpful.
The temperatures sound good, especially since you are using a temp gun for checking the
I am glad to hear that you feed him in a separate tank, so that insects wont hide in crevices
in his tank. Are you giving calcium 4-5 days per week for him?



New member
Original Poster
Hello! Thank you for the reply.

Yes, UVB lights are compacts, but there is 2 of them in the hood, so I thought it would be fine. Should I go with a tube instead?
I dust crickets and roaches with Repashy Calcium Plus all-in-one powder every feeding like directed on the tube. I do not dust phoenix worms and hornworms. Should I buy separate calcium/vitamins powders? I also offer some greens, he takes a bite occasionally but overall not interested in it.


BD.org Sicko
Please get rid of the coils-- I would get a solid bright white basking bulb if that is a coil as well - you need temps for him taken w/ a digital probe thermometer 105-110 for now he will not want temps that hot as he gets to be a juvenile/ adult - then please order or buy one of these fixtures
24" Zoo Med -- Sunblaster Nano -- or Arcadia Pro T 5 --- w/ one of these bulbs Reptisun 10.0 T 5 or a Arcadia 12% bulb --- these are best for 40+ gallon tanks - if you have a smaller tank now the Zoo Med comes w/ a 5.0 bulb that can be used till he goes into a bigger tank - the distance and placement of the fixtures and that 5.0 bulb is different so please let me know when you get it -- please do this ASAP- does the Calcium Plus have D3 in it? You want a calcium that has that for now and a vitamin that has beta carotene in it -- please dust only ONCE per feeding --- please use the phoenix worms as a lure to the salad bowl they are a good staple feeder DO NOT dust them as you said and use as many as you want --- sprinkle them on top of his salads in front of him to lure him feed first thing in the morning - use them to hand tame him - feed before dropping in the bowl out of your hand so he gets used to you -
The 26 watt bulbs are ok but you must have them in a reflective dome and they MUST BE unobstructed - they will need to be changed out in 6 months and I would only use one of them - but as I posted above I would get rid of them eventually all together - or now it is up to you -- hes going to do better w/ the long tube fixture -- your probably going to have better luck w/ the Arcadia if your in the UK -- those are good fixtures and bulbs --- if you need help please ask
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