New Beardie/Shocked at Petsmart

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Ya I saw a 40 gallon one while in petsmart but it didn't seem all that big for a full grown beardie. I have the space so I would like to provide it with the most space/best quality of life. My problem is that I cant' seem to find a good quality 55 gallon (or close) habitat with good dimensions. Thanks again for the help, I appreciate it.

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briany8s":12ts63an said:
Ya I saw a 40 gallon one while in petsmart but it didn't seem all that big for a full grown beardie. I have the space so I would like to provide it with the most space/best quality of life. My problem is that I cant' seem to find a good quality 55 gallon (or close) habitat with good dimensions. Thanks again for the help, I appreciate it.

4ft x 2ft x 2ft is a great enclosure size for lots of room and freedom for most any bearded dragon.
I use 40 gallon breeder tanks, these are the minimal side. they are 3ft x 1.5ft by 1ft 4 inches. All of my dragons are happy and comfortable. (I think, they never told me this just assuming LOL :lol: )

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briany8s":1zvl5s7t said:
Any chance you remember where you got your 55 gallon tank?

I use 40 breeder tanks, petco usually has sales on their tanks 1$ a gallon but, I got mine all from a local pet shop 99$ each. They also had a 75 gal breeder that was 199$


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I'm happy to hear that you did research and knew your information, that always makes everyone happy on here! :D

People at petsmart have NO idea what they're talking about! I have had similar experiences.
Congrats on your new beardie by the way, and we love pictures! *hint hint* ;)


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Petsmart is just as bad up here in Canada. :x When I went to get some things for Draco before I bought him home, (did not get him at Petsmart) , the guy there said 'oh why are you getting a dragon, they only live one or two years. He'll probably die on you'. Can you believe that! I was so shocked at what he said I couldn't come back with an appropriate answer, I just walked away. I spent a year when I had pet rats trying to convince Petsmart that pine is not good for rats. I finally gave up. You just can't instill common sense, you either have it or you don't. Petsmart doesn't!!! :banghead: When I was getting the stuff for Draco they were trying to sell me all sorts of things I wouldn't need. Like a hot rock, yeah right. Thank god I did my research.
BTW welcome to the forum!! :blob5:


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congrats on your new beardie! He/she is a cutie :D
I use the same tree as a basking place with mine and he loves it. Great for rubbing off shed and finding just the right spot at the right temp. Two things to be careful of though...
firstly, when you have your temp gun and are measuring temps, be aware that the little brown bits of plastic in the center of the green plastic 'leaves' can get a lot hotter than the rest of the branches. I have no clue why, but I've caught mine getting up to 130F!!! So make sure you keep an eye on those things...My dragon absolutely loves it, though. Secondly, I tried to soak the tree in bleach to clean it and it kept the bleach smell for a very long time. It seemed to absorb it more than his other cage decorations. I had to rinse it a LOT and then air it for about 48 hrs. My dragon sulked the whole time it was out of his viv. So now, I just use regular soap and water and then steam it clean if he poos on it.
I don't mean to worry you or make you concerned because I really do think it is my dragon's favorite viv decoration...just giving you some pointers so you don't have the same problems I ran into. :D

As to Petsmart, it seems to really be hit or miss. We have some employees who come by here who really know their stuff!! Buuut, I think we've all run into the other kind, all pet stores, really.


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Well thanks for all the advice everyone. I agree though that I shouldn't make assumptions based on the only 2-3 petsmarts I have ever been to. I was shocked at the advice I was given, and kind of annoyed I was made to feel stupid for bringing up research I had done. I'm sure there are many very knowledgeable employees out there that I am including in my stereotype. I'll just take it as a lesson, and realize now that I should go to petsmart with a good healthy skepticism and research any advice given to me, regardless of the source. It has only been two days but I had no idea I would already become so attached to my little guy. What an incredible animal to own:)


Cute adoption, I purchased my 1st beardie from petco not more than 6 months ago. As for the feeding container where did you lay the box? My beardie was very angsty whenever she was under the ceiling fan. Luckily shes recently outgrown that, could be a possibility? I dont know if you have a fan or anything though. I'm also right there with you in terms of the astounding stupidity and arrogance the employees of these stores are around here. Albeit im happy and proud of my beardie and shes grown MASSIVE and very healthily. I hope the same for you.


I had the same experience with these chain stores,especially Pet Goods.I had originally got a uromastyx lizard from a local Pet Goods store.Well the day he was scheduled to go to the vet, ( 3 days later)cause he was not acting right from day one.It dies.So they said they would get me a new one,Anyway 5 weeks later I end up having to get a baby beardie instead,cause they tell me that that the breeder they usually use for the Uromastyx is a little shady,what they meant by that I do not know.So the day I go in there to just get my money back,I saw a little cutie.Which was a baby beardie,so I said can I have the beardie instead and they agreed.So after getting the Beardie , I was told so many different things on how to care for my beardie.Just like I was told when I got the Uro 5 weeks earlier. And had to go back and forth so many times becasue they either gave me the wrong info or sold me something I did not even need.So then I joined this group and here I found many helpful things on how to care for him/her (still no name) and have had my baby for several weeks now and seems happy.The only issue was it had worms which is being trated by my vet..Anyway I think the best one you said is how the rep told you if you feed him to many crickets one might eat its way out of his stomach and kill it. I was rolling when I read that one. Did you ask him if he was on crack LOL.Anyway now I go to a small local pet/feed store that sells a small collection of small reptiles and fish.They are very personal.and friendly.Like one time I had a question about my beardie,and the rep told me Sorry but I dont know,but the guru of reptiles is not here,and will be here on this day.Like the crickets they sell are pre-gut loaded.The ones I was getting from the chain store were not and would die in like two days,but the ones I get from my local store last much longer.Anyway good luck with your new Baby


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Those people were very stupid. I know what we should all do. Write with a dark colored sharpie on a piece of paper


Then take that piece of paper to the pet stores with a roll of scotch tape and start taping them to the lower side of the beardie habitats. Maybe then instead of listening to the store employees maybe people will just come here to learn the proper care of beardies. Or maybe even some employee will take it apon themselves to learn.


I guess we are lucky in my town, the Petsmart guys are very knowledgeable, as well as not being afraid to say "I don't know" instead of just making crap up. One of them even had the prettiest pet boa he showed me, who apparently loves to ride around in his hoodie pocket.

Glad you found the right info before it was too late!
Our Petsmart is actually pretty good, better than all of yours, at least. They always ask me about Ezra when I go in there, about how big he is, etc... Each of the employees works in one department, so if you ask the dog guy about reptiles, he'll be all "Uh... I dunno. Let me go find someone else," instead of making up an answer. Their beardies are always really active, and playful, and they have enough room. Not only that, but they chop up their food small enough and use tiny crickets.

I went to Pet Supermarket today to see if they had a hammock, and they had one beardie all by himself. His food was cut up well, and he had the adequate lighting, but he was on sand. I told the guy that they can't be on sand when they're that small because they'll die if they ingest it, and he went to talk to his boss. After that, he came out with some reptile carpet and changed it. I was really happy about that. The beardie was trying to get into the leopard gecko tank next to it, because there was a cricket in there that was roughly the size of his entire head. He kept looking at me with a "PLEEEEASE get it for me!" look on his face. It was rather precious.

Then I played with the ferrets, and they kept licking my face, and trying to jump on me when I put them back. I really love ferrets. I plan on getting one when I have my own place.

Unfortunately, before I went to these competent stores, I went to an independent pet store to pick up some crickets because my mom didn't want to drive to Petsmart (which is only about ten minutes away from this place). They had one bearded dragon, about three inches long, on dirty sand, with no vegetables, a cricket too big for it, and, in my opinion, most deplorably, no lights. I asked an employee why this was, and she said that it's okay because he had a heating pack. I didn't even know how to respond to that sort of idiocy. I asked her if I could hold him (to be honest, he wasn't moving, and I wanted to make sure he was still alive), and she claimed that he'd already been bought, so she was just going to leave him in there. I plan on going back there tomorrow and making sure he's with his new owner, and if not, I'm going to teach them how to actually take care of beardies. I honestly don't think he's going to survive that long. I was sick to my stomach leaving that place, and was dry retching on the sidewalk from the neglect of all their animals. Does anybody know a number I can call to report them? I don't know how they have a license, but it needs to be revoked now. I'd already purchased a dozen crickets when I saw this, so I ended up releasing them and going to Petsmart. At least something from that pet store has a chance to live.

Edit: I started feeling really ill thinking about this again, and Ezra, who was sitting a foot away from me, ran over to me, crawled up to my neck, and licked my face. Animals are so wonderful, especially when they know you're upset.


I bought my baby bearded the day before I joined here...He has been in a 20 gallon tank so far, but he is growing fast. I had to take out his basking rock because he was getting out of his cage and Id find him passed out on the desk his cage sits on.

what I did, was looked at the vivariums here. There is a whole section of vivs pics only. I found a link to build your own viv. I sent the design to a really good carpenter here at work. I gave him $300 to buy supplies. He is making me a 6ft x 2ft x 2ft viv with tempered glass doors, all the electric for lights and an identical cabinet to put the viv ontop of. By the time my bearded is 10 weeks old he will have his huge viv and be able to grow rapidly and exercise proper.

look around, talk to family friends and build your own custom viv. pimp your viv.
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