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New Beardie parent


New member
Hi! I just adopted a 3 year old (?) female Beardie, Luna. I am totally new and trying to give her a better life than she is used to. I am also a teacher and will be transitioning her to becoming a class pet. We got her 2 nights ago, and so far she is pretty active, but not really eating. Any advice or info from anyone about how to acclimate an adult bearded dragon is greatly appreciated!!


BD.org Sicko
She needs time to adjust to her tank and surroundings -- please make sure you have correct lighting and basking temps ------------- adult dragon 95-100 taken w/ a digital probe thermometer ---- NO coils for UVB they are inadequate ---- a long tube fixture is needed w/ proper placement and distance -- what are the ages of the school kids? They are really gonna haft to be watched around the dragon --- we got our first dragon from the school they wanted to get rid of her she was in a high school science class and my daughter caught the boys trying to put pencil erasers in her ears--- if you need more help w/ diet lighting or anything please ask
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