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New beardie owner with some questions


New member
Hi all!

2 weeks ago I brought my first bearded dragon home, Biggie.
He's about 4 months old and looking healthy to me.
I've been reading and gathering information about bearded dragons for a few months but I still got some questions.
He's had no trouble eating at all. He's eating his greens, crickets, dubia roaches and phoenix worms.
But since yesterday he wouldn't eat his greens and not as much insects as he used to.
I think he is going to shed which should explain his lack of appetite.
After his bath yesterday his skin turned a little white.
Question nr 1:
Can anybody tell me if this actually is the start of his shedding progress?

Question nr 2:
Since the first day he goes into his hide around 5pm but the lights turn off at 10.
Is this still him getting used to his new enviroment?

Let me know if I left out any important information and thanks for your response in advance!



BD.org Sicko
Correct basking temps for a 4 month old 105-110 taken w/ a digital probe thermometer
NO coils for a UVB - they are inadequate --- you need a long tube fixture like a Zoo Med Sunblaster Nano or a Arcadia Pro T 5 --
turning white in color can be shed coming on - or shed in general it can also effect the appetite but foremost you want those basking temps and UVB correct --- that will effect every thing he does if its incorrect
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