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UPDATE: I’ve tried to add the videos of the breathing but it’s not showing them on my side. Not sure if you guys can see them or not?

Hello guys new beardie owner here. I have a few questions and would like some advise. I’ve uploaded a few clips and pics of my beardie. I was curious if this breathing is normal. He’s 7 inches long so I guess he’s around 2 months. I got him from pet smart around dec 29th. He mainly eats small crickets dusted with vit d and calcium every mwf and vit every tues thurs. he lays down on me like this when I first take him out. Is this normal? Do they take naps? I’ve noticed he keeps his eyes shut at times and lays his body flat on me. He’s also been closing one eye a lot but I’ve given his some normal saline and it’s seemed to normal out. When I first got him he ran to the water bowl and drank. But I haven’t really seen him do it since. I’m worried he’s dehydrated. The humidity says between 30-42% usually always. His basking temp is around 112. His cool side is around 78 and the rest of the cage is around 80-85. I give him a water bowl and tomato e lettuce everyday. He’s very light colored and orange when I take him out of his tank and when he’s sleeping. When he goes back in the tank he seems darker. I attached a pic for example. His basking light and uvb bulb are shining in the same spot. Around 12 inches from basking area. He’s not seeming to want to eat many crickets lately and I’m worried about him with the breathing. He has been shedding. I helped him with a nose plug yesterday successfully. The other side wasn’t ready to come off. I usually don’t let the crickets stay in his aquarium but sometimes there are a few that hide. I’ve tried feeling him on a separate cage but he doesn’t seem to like it as he feels trapped. I forgot to mention he/she’s had 3-4 baths total with me. No s/s of mucus or drainage from nose or eyes. No sounds when breathing that I’ve noticed. TIA!


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Hiccup he is 4 and Blaze is 2
I forgot to mention he/she’s had 3-4 baths total with me.
Ok bathing is not recommended as often - please no more lettuce and tomato- you need to feed greens like collards kale turnips mustard- squash like zucchini butternut or yellow- I will post a website for nutrition- now the MOST IMPORTANT THINGS-- uvb brand and bulb NO coils please-- basking temps what are they and how are you taking them-- No stickons! They need to be surface temps-- taken w/ a digital probe thermometer- your dragon will stop eating w/ out proper temps and uvb!

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