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Just like the title says, I'm new to both bearded dragons (reptiles in general), and to this fourm. I've had pet dogs, grew up around cats, had pet hamsters, rabbits, birds, rats. Pretty much if it had fur, I've had it as a pet. My partner also has three chinchillas and there's two dogs in the house too (a husky and an atika cross). I'm honestly not sure what made us get a bearded dragon, but we've both fallen in love with the little creature, hard. It's such a little character already. We still aren't sure of the sex yet, but we'll get there.

My partners brother has a host of pets, bearded dragon, snakes, ferret, cats (three of them), frogs, had a scorpion, and a tarantula. So, we do have someone close by to us to help us answer all our weird and wonderful beardie related questions. He even came by to help us with our set up, and make sure we had our temperatures right. I'm babbling now, sorry.

Our little beardie is called Beemo, and is a guesstimate of about ten weeks old. We got told it was about 7/8 weeks when we brought it home, and it's been two weeks since then. It's about 9 inches long from tip of nose, to tip of tail. Loves to eat, seriously Beemo is a little grubber. Loves to sit in a bath. And loves to sit on my chest at night when I'm sitting on my laptop. Very outgoing little one, is my Beemo. From day one, when the lady in the petshop told us Beemo might be a little shy/withdrawn for a couple days due to the stress of moving, nope. As soon as we put Beemo into it's viv, and started to sort out the hoppers, Beemo was right down by the glass, both little hands flat on the glass watching us. No problem with letting us know when it wants attention, or when it wants to go back home to it's viv. Anyway, I'll post a couple photos of Beemo.

It's colour seems to be changing, it's already had a shed since we've brought it home, and was very greenish brown/sort of generic reptile colour. Now there's a bit of orange around it's legs/ears.





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Welcome to the forum and congrats on your new little guy/girl. He/she certainly is a little cutie with some beautiful markings.
They make wonderful companions and grow up so fast, so be sure to take lots of pics :) trust me one day you will want to look back on them and your going to be shocked by how much he/she has grown and changed.
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