New beardie not eating much

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New beardie owner here and I need some help! We just got our first beardie, has to be no more than a couple months old. Whenever we try to feed him, he seems to only eat 2 crickets in a sitting (usually 10 minutes). I try and hand feed him some but he still doesn't want them. I don't leave them in the viv either, as I know it can be dangerous for the beardie. Is this normal? I'm trying to get him on a regimented feeding schedule, and based on other information it seems like he should be eating more.

Any help is super appreciated!
I got mine at about 2 months old and he wouldn't eat anything substantial for a while. Before i knew it, he was sucking down crickets 30 at a time. I think it's pretty normal. Mine also got pretty stressed when we brought him home. They tend to get stressed pretty easily and this causes them not to eat as much. Even when we moved a year later he still got stressed and refused to eat again for a few days. Just keep offering him the crickets and let him eat what he wants. They're smart and know what they need to live.

Hopefully yours doesn't go through brumation. I thought the not eating was scary until that happened the first time. Mine didn't eat and stayed in his cave for about 3 months. I went crazy the entire time thinking i did something wrong.
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