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Hello world! I'm the new owner of a baby bearded dragon. She's mine and my boyfriends first pet, but I informed him if anything ever happened between us she would belong to me and he could only have visitation! We couldn't decide on a name, I wanted Lily and he wanted Ella so she is now Lily Ella. We actually joined this site because she gave us a little health scare, but now I think she was just stressed out. I am glad I found this site though because everyone on here seems so helpful! Its crazy how much I can love one little pet so much but I really do. She is so cute I cant even deal sometimes, haha. Shes not specially ordered off one of those beautifully breaded beardie sites, she was actually an impulse buy because we thought we would just go look at their lizards at petsmart one day and I seen her and wanted her. The employees didn't tell us anything about her, how old, her sex or anything so I'm basically going off youtube videos teaching you how to tell between male and female and estimating her age by how long she is. She is almost 10 inches long and she is beautiful. I have only had her about one week and one day, and already have her eating, and loving, her veggies! From what I have read that's not an easy accomplishment so I am proud. Part of me cant wait until she grows up and the other part wants her to stay small forever!





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Those are some great photos. What a cutie! Looks like she has a great setup too. I look forward to seeing more photos and hearing stories about her progress =)


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We are new to BD-owning as well (about a week and a half), and I also kinda wish that he would stay small. I bet that his personality will develop more as he gets older, though! We also bought ours from PetSmart, but we planned it out prior to and set up his terrarium before we went to buy him. As far as guidance, it's a hit-or-miss with their employees, but she told me that she thought it was a male when we bought him.

So far he will eat squash and chopped up kale, but he prefers the squash mostly. The kale I have to hand-feed. Recently I bought a watermelon, so I plan on trying that tonight!


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lilly is soo cute ! hehe and welcome to this site is amazing along with the people on here. lover her set up and can't wait to see her grow up into a stunning girl :) :blob8:
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