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New Beardie Coming!

Hi! I’m getting a new bearded dragon in a couple of days and wanted to know how calcium and vitamin dusting would work. I have heard different things and don’t know if I need to get the kind with d3 or not. My beardie’s terrarium is a 40 gallon with a t5 hood light and a basking spot about 4 inches from the top. Does the calcium supplement have to have vitamin d3 in it or will be be getting enough lighting to be fine with just the calcium?


BD.org Sicko
Staff member

Great questions. If you are going to be using a T5 tube then you wont really need D3 on a
regular basis. You can add it in a couple of times per month but if the T5 is emitting a good
amount of UVB exposure then he will be fine.
Which brand of T5 tube is it?

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