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this is how someone told me to find out the sex of my baby dragon:

The way to tell, is to place your dragon on a flat surface, facing away from you. Lift the tail until you feel a bit of resistance and check around the anal vent (where the poo comes from). If you see two bulges on either side, Congrates you have a baby boy !
If, on the other hand you only see one, well you have a beautiful baby girl !

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Yes, that's right. Just keep in mind that it is very difficult to tell the sex on smaller dragons. Experienced breeders can sex dragons around 6" but for the unexperienced eye it is more like 9-12". You can sex your dragon now, but you will also want to in a month or two to make sure you were correct. And I'm very glad to hear that your lilttle guy/ girl is doing better. Oh and if you want to take pictures of your dragon while you have him/her in the "sexing" position (wow that sounds horrible) then post them and we will try to confirm what you see. Also we'd love to see any pictures of your little one.



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FYI. I went back to the pet store with all the wrong items the salesm sold me and asked for the manager. I explaned all the wrongs and the manager expressed some concern but assured me that the salesman ( all of about 18 years old) has a bearded dragon and knew what he was doing. I expland again and at this point my husband (remember him, the Atty.) nicely explaned the problem and the manager proceded to refund all and I mean every dime of my money back. So now its shopping on line for the things that are truly needed and lets hope that from now on the Petsmart sales man gets it right. A big thanks to all who have help not just through answering my string but all the great posts. What a great web sit and truly good people. Groucho (if its a girl Grouchet) is doing well, eating, bathing, chasing crickets, and seems happy. thanks again one and all.

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I like your choice of names. Grouchet is cute for a girl. Just to let you know, there are several pet stores that we've been in that say they haven't had any problems with the coil uvb's. A lot actually like the coil/compact uvb's. I won't use them because I've read all the stories on the uvb site I found to ever think that they could do good for a beardie. Also, a lot of times beardies aren't in the petstores long enough for them to cause problems. The fact that some petstores use the coil's is probably the reason that baby beardies start having problems with them as soon as they are put in their tanks.


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.....oh ya, pooping seems to be a big deal and yes Groucho is pooping and pooping a lot. Thanks for the UVB info. I did have problems with the compacked bulb. It took three days before he opened his eyes and went back to eating.


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That is great he/she is doing so well ! And bully for you and your hubby for standing up for what is right for your dragon !
Janie !

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I'm so glad Groucho is doing better. I wish we could make laws that pet stores must be at least reasonably knowledable about the animals and products they sell. But we all know that would cut into cash flow, so it'll probably never happen. We can hope though!


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The thing that frightens me is many of them actually have beardies, and still dont know what they are talking about (i speak from experience and am not generalising all pet stores! :D )

I really wonder what care they give their own animals!


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To be quit honest there is a law call consumer law that protects people from the missrepresentation for gain. Also the pet stores selling the pets do have an obligation to the pet buyer to have at least minimal knowlege. But this pet store out and out told me that the products they sold me were not only highly recommended but correct. So there is evern a great obligation for the pet store to be right. As I watched my little beardie go down hill due to the damaging items the sold me, I knew I had a right to a refund and I had a duty to let them know they must not keep up such practice in hopes some one else will not have to go through the same thing, and to hopefully help not only other dragons but any pet the sell. I cant change every thing but I can do what I can in my small part. Groucho is getting better and better thanks to all of you! He ate 5 crickets in one feeding. He does not like his veggies yet but Im working on that.

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I noticed that you had asked about sexing your beardie....I scanned thru the replies and didn't notice that anyone had given you this if I overlooked it please forgive me. :wink:

I'm sorry where are my manners...... :oops:
Hello Lesley & Welcome to!

Look forward in seeing pic's. :wink:

Lesley we call that scratching at the glass "glass dancing." They can do this because temps are to high or usually it just means they want out for some attention. :wink:
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