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I am thinking of getting another bearded dragon and I have some but now sure if Dragons4you, lllreptiles or Who is the best choice to go with?

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The ones you listed are reputable as far as I've heard. I don't have any direct experience with breeders though. You may want to visit a reptile convention so you can meet with some breeders and take a look at what they have to offer.


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theres alot of good breeders in the usa that ive heard of you got so many to choose from here in canada were very limited but a few off the top of my head are
micheal at webe reptiles
fairytail dragons


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You can research the reputation of any breeder here:

I got a juvenile dragon from David at Carolina Classic Dragons ( two weeks ago. He is incredibly tame, friendly, great eater, and beautiful coloring. Highly recommended--David has a bachelors degree in biological sciences, reads university papers on the care of bearded dragons, and passes his knowledge on to his customers. He answers all my many questions about my little guy. If you check out the Carolina Classic Dragons Facebook page, he posts specials and sales quite often.
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