New "Bearded Dragon" Rescue Day... and the husband :O

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So am I, sometimes it's just a mystery as to what is ailing them and they hide illness very well. I know you're going to miss him, they tug at your heart and find a place there forever. RIP sweet Stanley, you were loved so very much.

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I am so sorry to hear of Stanley's passing. Sincere condolences. The new enclosure is awesome, and I'm sure he enjoyed it very much.


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:( I have followed Stanley's story, and I nearly broke out in tears when I read that he passed... :cry:

R.I.P Stanley. :(


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hoopyscoop":2jfentea said:
:( I have followed Stanley's story, and I nearly broke out in tears when I read that he passed... :cry:
Me too!! :(
We've been cheering on Stanley & family ever since I first read his story and shared it with my household. I'm so so sorry your sweet little friend has crossed the Rainbow Bridge! Rest easy dear Stanley. :( :( :( Lots of love and hugs for all of you <3


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RIP Stanley. My heart breaks for you, I'm glad he had some time with good people who loved him.


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Thank you so much for all your replies. I have read them all to my husband. He was completely enamored with Stanley from day one and I can tell you that it brought tears to his eyes to know that Stanley somehow reached out to so many others. He choked them back, didn't say much, but I could tell. Lil Stan the Man is truly missed...

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He's missed by all of us, I always would love to see the entries of how he was doing. I so appreciate you sharing his life with me, take care
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