New "Bearded Dragon" Rescue Day... and the husband :O

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You sure are doing a GREAT job with him, he looks 100% better. Isn't it great to get them healthy after a bad start? He must think he's in heaven the way he's being treated! He looks great!


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He decidedly loves Phoenix worms the best. Cutie pie! I got a new enclosure for him today, It will take some customizing but wow it will be NICE when it's done.


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Posting so I can follow! I've always admired CWD's :love5:
Stanley is so beautiful! And such a cutie! I think it's awesome that you took him in; he looks so much happier and healthier compared to when you first got him. I agree with Sweetiepie, he probably thinks he's in heaven! :)
And the attached husband/jealous beardie part is super adorable too! (and funny :)). I hope everything continues to go well, and that Stanley's icky C gets cleared up soon! <3


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I think I'm more excited then Stanely to see his new home once it's done! He's looking better and better!


TBH the first pic i saw of him ithought for sure he was hours away from being dead, im happy you found him , i wish it could always be like this but we do what we can , atleast hes one of the lucky ones , keep up the good work :)


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Stanley has been doing fairly well. I am not sure if I posted about this or not, I'll have to go back and check. But when we got him I am sure he was dehydrated. He also I think was slightly impacted. I don't know what the issue has been but he did have blood in his urates a few times. He has improved after taking to vet (our vet here is NO help, thought he was an iguana---I was like really????? I knew more about his care than the vet did), but he seems to be responding well to treatment for coccidia and deworming. His fecals have gone from hard pellets to soft-formed pooh. He loves Acidopholiz and I have been giving him serrapeptase as well.

He realizes we are not going to harm him, I think. He sits quietly in my husbands hands and appears to be more trusting. He really makes me smile when he basks. He has the look of "ahhhhhhh" on his face when under the UVB.

We have learned he likes phoenix worms, sometimes. I am trying to keep a wide assortment of feeder for him as he tends to need change in his diet or he won't eat it. My beardies will eat dubia every day if I gave it to them. Stanley will look at me like I am nuts. I am waiting on some small hornworms and some silkworms. Those ought to be fun for him.

He likes perching on his water dish in this way:

Once he appears to be totally clear of coccidia and has some time for his system to stabilize, he will move to his new enclosure, which we are working on. It will have a 10 gallon tank in the bottom for a swimming area. I am thinking a turtle ramp type thing down to the water and a filter. That or a different set up that I have been working plans for. Basically we want it to be more realistic than not, so the tank idea might just have to go away. I have other ideas... I have yet to figure out what I will do for a few things. I do know there will be a few ledges. One large ledge will probably house a waterfall for him.


He will have an assortment of plants in his enclosure to help keep the humidity higher. I am debating on using some mosaic tile I have now, grouting and sealing it in for a waterproof section or do I want to go with some more natural looking stone. I have beautiful mosaic tile that wouldn't cost us a thing, but you would NOT find it in the jungle unless you were at a tropical resort. Could be named Stanley's Tropical Resort... Ha.. He is looking at me and sitting by his food dish. What will he eat today? I will try both dubia and a Phoenix worm.

I ordered 1/2 a lb of red wigglers for him. Worst case scenario I do some composting and have a killer garden next year with lots of worms. Best case scenario he loves to eat them and I let them breed away in the worm bin.

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That is going to be some great resort for Stanley when it's finished, he's going to have so much room! It must be so different to have a CWD, they're so different from beardies, especially with the high humidity, but you're both doing a great job with him. He looks SO much better than he did when you first got him. And it's so nice that he's already trusting you, as if you've always had him. I'm so glad you found him!


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I have sent out several emails to some experts on this and waiting to hear the answer. I am wondering about red wigglers as a food source for him. Some sites say yes, they are great feeders. I ordered 1/2 a lb after reading what great feeders they are. THEN I read one post that says they are toxic to garter snakes. Then I find a ton of posts that say they are toxic to other creatures. NOW I am stressed. Some forums say they are toxic some say they are fine. STRESS!!! OVER FOOD...

Which makes me go hmmmm.....

So either I just started a composting project or a feeder project for Stanley. :shock:

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It's amazing the different info you can learn from different sites, drives me crazy when I'm trying to find an answer to something and get different responses. Hopefully you'll hear from experts on CWD to make sure, would have to have anything happen to him when he's doing so well, so you might just have a compost starting!


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ynevar":3fqtfxec said:
THEN I read one post that says they are toxic to garter snakes. Then I find a ton of posts that say they are toxic to other creatures.
that explains why my snake died.
i went to a pet store and told them i had a brown snake (it was a wild snake, i know shame on me. but we lived in the city area at the time), i told them how big the snake was and needed worms for him. they gave me red wrigglers. my snake died after eating one. my anger is renewed.


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I sent out a message to the water dragon listserve and have gotten word back that they are fine for water dragons.

I don't know I would use them for other critters. I will only feed the worms food I would feed the dragon (veggies etc) as he will not eat any veggies and maybe this will help him get some veggies. I gutload other feeders as well.
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