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I snapped a photo tonight after i got home from work and took my BD out of the cage. He seems to be pretty content hanging out on my shirt. Im thinking its cause my body is warm. What are stress marks on BD's? I understand the concept but it'd be nice to know if hes stressed or not. I still need to name this little guy.


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What a cutie.
Is your little one male or female?

Stress marks are dark circular markings that appear on beardies stomachs.
They are tempremental and can be a simple indicator that your little one is grumpy. Dex often has stressmarks when Ive made her have a bath when madame would much rather be basking.
They are only something to be concerned about if they persist for a couple of days.



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The guy at the pet store (Its a privately owned one that seemed to be pretty decent) said it was a male. I know theirs ways to tell but Im really not sure to tell ya the truth...

They actually had a UVB bulb with all their reptiles. They even had a Black Throat Monitor which in my opinion was absolutely amazing. Permits in DE are really cheap and once i get much much more acquainted with raising reptiles I might move onto a monitor.
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