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Hello! I'm a new bearded dragon mom. I've had reptiles in the past such as turtles and lizards but never a BD. I haven't named it yet because not sure of the sex although leaning towards female because it has a smaller head and narrow tail. Anyway, I've read about nightime lighting and it seems that as long as the temp doesn't go below 70 F, I shouldnt need a nightime light/heat source. I wanted some feedback from actually beardy owners. What do you all do for nightime? In the summer I'm not too worried but in the winter, I might want to add in an extra heat source. But what kind might y'all recommend? Thank you in advance!

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Welcome to beardie world---- the most important thing in the tank is the basking temps taken w/ a digital probe thermometer --- a long tube fixture UVB No Zillas or Thrives -- Zoo Meds Sunblasters or Arcadias are the best fixtures w/ either the Reptisun 10.0 bulbs T 5 I recommend and Arcadia 12% bulb-- and a good bright white basking bulb --- No coils of any kind No sand No colored bulbs -- you want 3 temps in the tank basking temp of 105-110 for a baby --- 95-100 for a adult juvie and 80's during the day --- night time temp nothing below 65 and over 75---- winter time you can either get a heat projector or a CHE--- ceramic heat emitter -- those are good to have on hand for winter and sick beardies -- if you need anymore help please ask -- diet / supplements etc----------

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This is Atlas, he's my 3 year male leatherback. i don't know whether to be worried as he has no femoral pores what so ever, not even small ones! i always thought they would come with age but he is getting a bit older now and i'm starting to worry. here are some photos of his lack of pores. if someone could let me know if this is healthy that would be greatly appreciated!!
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