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Hi everyone!

First, if this doesn’t below in the ER section, please feel free to move (it’s urgent, but I wasn’t sure where to place this).

I have two beardies, but my concern is about our new baby dragon. He’s young, just over a month old. We got him from a reptile breeder/shop (where we got our now adult from). When we got our first one, he was already a year old, so now that we have a baby, I did a ton of research.

So he’s been with us for 3 days and he hasn’t wanted to eat much at all. He’s eating any where between 4-9 small crickets a day and just a few bites of greens. I offer more crickets, but he doesn’t want them. The first night he came home he actually was running around his tank a lot and ate 9 crickets, but now he is basking all day and not interested in chasing crickets at all.

Is this a husbandry issue? Possibly stress from relocating? He’s currently in a 40 gallon, his cool side is usually between 73-75, but he never goes over there. His warm side is between 88-95, and basking is between 103-110 (I have him on a slate cheese board stacked on bricks). Also, he has an Arcadia 12% on top of the mesh at exactly 13 inches away. I recently swapped out his lid for one with wider holes to allow more Uvb in. He has a 100w basking bulb above the mesh, which I am using a stand to raise up because directly on the mesh was getting his site to 122° 😬

I’m using both digital thermometers and a temp gun.

I’d love to see my little guy have a healthy appetite again.

Any thoughts?

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If you have any pictures of your little one, along with your tank setup that would be great if you
could post them.
A lot of times, they will go through relocation stress & it takes them several days to sometimes
several weeks to get adjusted to a new home.
The Arcadia D3 12% tube, is that the T5 high output bulb or the T8? I am glad to hear you have
a screen top with wider holes so that should help him get stronger UVB, too.
What type of supplementation are you using for him?
Since you mentioned that the basking was getting to 122F that may have really affected him. If
they are getting too hot, it will affect their appetites & overall behavior.
You can try some bee pollen sprinkled on his foods, or, just a pinch mixed with water & or diluted
apple or grape juice to help hydrate him & boost his system.
Looking forward to seeing pictures.


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