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Ok so not really a basking spot... my new beardie which i have yet to name (but i have a few ideas) was layin with me on my bed after work on my chest. As he walked around he promptly spread himself out and laid down right where you can feel my heart beat on my rib cage and proceeded to fall asleep. Of course a yawn would wake him up, but that was limited to one eye opening up and then closing. Ive had him for three days now and I think its a pretty good sign as far as becoming firmiliar with me as his owner.


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How lovely that you are bonding so quickly.
Sleeping on you is definatly a sign of trust.

I think when he was pacing up and down you he was saying "yes. this human will do. I came you as my own!" then fell asleep ^_^
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setting up a tank for a garter snake in a few months!!
Trying to finish setting up my beardie tank. Just gotta connect it to the power.
Okay lol so as I was told my baby was a boy when I rescued him hehe well I took him to my vet and was advised he is a she ! I was thinking of renaming her to Virgo from Toothless any suggestions for names 😊🥰
I am new and looking for a teen beardie. I have been doing a lot of research for about 2 years.
I'm new here but not new to dragons or snakes. Over the 7 years. I opened my heart and home to neglected. unwanted dras and snakes, some critical conditions. Then nursing them back to health and their final family home. I regularly help my reptiles vet with emergency appointments and I also provide the care in my little quenteen,

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