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I got a clown male bll python today. I have him in a 50 gallon tank which I made into a 25 for him. I got him coconut bedding. What kinds of lighting, and humidity do I need?
A heat lamp which will have UVB, a hood light that has UVA. Or however you want to do it as long as you have a UVA and UVB. You will also need a heating pad. And the humidity should be about 60%.
Yes sorry. They do not need a UVB light. Just a good heating/basking light would be good. On my boa's tank I have a dome heating/basking light with a hood light just to give it more lighting in the tank.


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oh ok lol. And now I am upset because he has mites. What is the best way to get rid of them?
Provent-A-Mite. Look it up online. Quarantine him from your other reptiles and give him a good long soak-- while he's soaking, treat everything in his tank (both sides since you made it smaller for him, wouldn't want any to get anywhere else in the tank and hide) with the Provent as the directions tell you to. It's the best stuff out there.

DO NOT TREAT HIM DIRECTLY WITH THE P-A-M THOUGH. Just let the living ones on him drown in a soak, and then the Provent-A-Mite will do the rest for any eggs still on him, once you get him back into his sterile container.


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Wow I forgot about this! I actually gave it back and got a different python who is much healthier and has no mites
Oh man, yeah, look at that post date lol. Sorry, I frequent a fast-moving BP forum, so when I see something I know a good answer to, the response is basically automatic lol.



Ball pythons do NOT need UVA or UVB! Also ball pythons like belly heat more than heat from a heat lamp! Go to your local pet store and buy a under tank heater that is apropreate for the size of your tank. Also you will need a thermostat (or rheostat) to regulate the temperature of the under tank heater to the high 80's on the warm side of the tank. On the cool side of the tank the temperatures will have to be in the mind 70's which can be achieved without another under tank heater. Also, you will need to keep the ambiant temperature at 70-80° which can also be achieved if you keep your house warm. If you are having trouble with that buy a VERY low powered heat lamp and fixture (I use a 100w bulb and keep it about 12 inches above the tank to raise the temps in the winter). Now for humidity. Ball pythons require a 50-70% humidity rate and I usually raise it up to 80% when he goes into she'd to make sure he has a good shed. If you are having trouble with humidity just cover half of the screen top with a moist towel. If you have a glass top tank then spraying it down with clean water will do the trick.

Hope I helped! Just pm me or reply to this if you have any further questions!

EDIT: I just noticed the date the topic was created and I'm a bit late o_o. How's he doing?
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