New baby - water issues - hates the dropper, doesnt drink mist, etc


I have had my little baby a week now. I am apprehensive to give them a bath to get the hydrated since I have had them for only a short period, haven't even gotten to hold them yet. My beardie is eating some veggies on their own now and mostly roaches at the moment, but I ordered some bee pollen to make bsfl and crickets more appetizing.

Anyhow, I have never seen them really drink? I have tried the misting method using room temp water, they actively hate it, the temperature of the water might the issue with that method possibly in hindsight while writing this. But even using an eye dropper putting tiny drops on the tips of their nose they will freak out and rub their head on their basking rock and scramble away.

Because I haven't had them for so long I am kind of afraid to push picking them up and giving them a bath, I have tried to remedy the water issue a bit by keeping their greens in some shallow water. They don't look to wrinkly or anything and poops seem normal and not overly dry, minus one bad poo experience that I think was from stress.

Is it too soon to pick them up and try a bath? They are still pretty skittish and I just don't want to add more stress or push it too soon, but I don't want them to be dehydrated.

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That all sounds normal for a baby, some will drink while you use the methods that you mentioned, others don't but most will at some point even if only once in a while. Right now he's getting enough from the moistened veggies and his insects so there's nothing to worry about. They don't need to be soaked much, you can even just put a small tupperware type container right in his tank with about 1/2" of water and set him in it. He might drink or just jump out. After a few minutes just take it out but you can do that every once in a while so he has the choice of drinking or not.


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Thanks! That makes me feel a lot better. After the two week period I will try a bath, they are just now letting me touch them gently under the chest so I have been working on getting to where I can pick them up without much stress, I have a feeling they will soon need a bath because their tail is quite pale and looks like it might be going to shed soon, so perfect timing for some progress lol. Thanks again, I really appreciate it!

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