New baby... RIP little Snoopy

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Just thought I would introduce our new baby. He is, as yet, nameless as we only got him a couple of hours ago. Anyway, last night, his clutch mates attacked him and he has several cuts as well as a chunk out of his arm :( Poor baby needs everyones healing thoughts and prayers. He is 4.5 inches long and approximately 11 grams






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Congrats on the new baby! Poor little guy. At least he's a got a good mommy that will take good care of him. :D

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Poor little guy, are you sure those are from his clutch mates? It almost looks like crickets bites. I'm sure he will heal up in no time and be a perfect little monster for you:)

MissT Addict
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I was thinking that but I was in the store last night when he was put to bed and there were no crickets in the viv - they have been on dubia for the past 2 weeks - I watched the store owner checking the vivs for bugs and he took everything out to make sure there were none.

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Congratulations on your new precious baby, Christina. If anyone can get him/her healthy, you can. Just wait, when he gets healthy, he'll try to become a little like your Kazi, doing all sorts of things that make you think he's sort-of suicidal.

He is very cut, BTW. At least you don't have to worry about brumation with him.


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Hehe Beardies in need always seem to find their way to you Christina, probably because you are the best at nursing them to health.

He is soo cute and teeny, I'll be thinking of you both for the rest of the day.


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He really is tiny.
Lori- it was just like the day I found Kazi- all hurt in the pet store :( I hope this little one is jar as much of a fighter!
Tastiger, I'm using iodine to clean it. I have manuka honey or terrymycin to use as well- I'm not sure which one yet though :?
Kalyn, he really is little. And so fragile.
He isn't using his front right arm at all. There is quite a large chunk missing from it :(

Anyone used terrymycin for this sort of thing?

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So I got his tank all set up... Well, not really- just paper towels at the moment. Iwanted to get him in to bask for an hour before bed. He is very lively but not putting any weight on that front leg when he moves. As soon as he falls asleep il get the honey on him. Poor wee mite.

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Got any names in mind Christina?!

On another note, why is it so quiet here today. I have been bored out of my mind.


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None at all!!!! Lol! I think I'm still in disbelief that there is a baby beardie in my house!

It has been quiet- I haven't been on much tonight- too busy setting the little one up!! LOL! But it is definitely very very quiet!!


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He is adorable! He looks so tired though, poor thing. :cry: Take good care of him, I'll be definitely thinking about him and you.

(looks like you joined the NBC too ;) )
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