New baby 2 weeks old now 3 weeks Tail nip

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Hello Ya'll
Well the good news is a purchased me a new baby dragon (R.I.P. Fatboy :cry: )
We bouught him last week the same reptile shop i bought Fatboy 2 yrs ago.
Seen pictures of his/her parents had lots of rusty orange color in them.
Question is this baby was in a tank with 8 other siblings.
I discovered about 2 days after i purchased him the end of his tail looked funny.
After closer examination it appears one of his brothers of sisters must have tail niped him
on end of tail.
It is about 1/4 inch from tip of tail and the tip appears to be dead that last 1/4 inch.
Will this end just fall off?
It is not infected or anything it just looks dead dried up ????
is this something i should be alarmed about?
He/she eats like a pig and runs all over the viv .
Thanks in advance

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Just keep a eye on it, if it gets infected or starts to spread further up the tail, get him to a vet. While its healing, keep him on newspaper so the wound stays clean.


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use tamodine or betadine on it to make sure it doesn't get infected.

if it starts to spread down the tail at all get him straight to a vet - necrosis in the tail can spread very fast and needs to be treated immediately


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Well i went back to reptile shop to buy more crickets today.
The shop still had 5 babies in tank.
After further examination of the 5 remaining he had 3 of the5 with
the same thing my lizard has.
He is keeping these lizards on calci sand.Which i do not like but the owner is hard headed
and thinks this is perfectly fine.
Could it be tail got wet and what i am seeing is dried up crusty calci sand ?
I have never owned a 2 week 4 inch long dragon so i don't what the tail suppost to look like.
I bathe him/her yesterday and rubbed on that area of tail it seem to be coming off?
Doesn't look like a bite ,just dried up crusty looking.
I spoke with the owner about this and he said just keep giving him bathes every 2 days and if it does
show signs of infection to bring him back.
My dragon is already a lot larger than his brothers and sisters :D
We are already attached to this little fella and no way is he going back to that environment.
Thanks for the info .i will definately monitor it closely and if i see anything wierd looking off to vet we go

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It very well could be calci sand, that damn stuff gets so hard once its been wet then dries again. Can you imagine what it does inside a little baby like that?
Give him a bath everyday to see if it will come off. If you get a bit off, rub it between your fingers and see if its gritty.


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smurfthebeardie":c35b1 said:
2 weeks is too young. 4 weeks is the minimum amount of time after birth they should be cared for by the breeder.

Yes but they are selling them to the pet stores that young here. I was in Pet Smart yesterday and they had a 2 week old dragon in a cage with a 7-8" older dragon. The size difference was huge and the little one was completely black all over! I was so angry, they just don't listen!
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