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So we had 3 babies hatch either late last night or early this am. So now my questions are... 1. Besides crickets can they also eat roaches and silkworms? 2. temp. is it suppossed to be 100 to 110? ( I read that somewhere). 3. Does the light stay on at all times to keep warm or turn off at night? 4. Do we start with a sunlight now or when they are older? We are new to the baby thing, and DONT want any problems. I will post pics as soon as my phone charges. They are soooo tiny and CUTE
Thank you for any help.


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1. roaches and silkworms are fine so long as you follow the 'space between the eyes' rule. They may not be interested in eating for a couple of days yet though. Mine were petrified the first couple of times they saw a cricket, then the next day they figured out what to do and were eating away happily. They'll have absorbed enough nutrients in the egg to keep them going for about 72 hours.
2. Yep, 100-110 for basking spot temp
3. No, keep your lights off at night. If your house gets cold, you can get a CHE, otherwise they'll be fine with normal household temps at night.
4. You can start with sunlight whenever you feel they aren't getting to stressed from being messed around with. I can't remember when i started with mine, but it was certainly within the first 2 weeks, after their colours had brightened and they were happily eating.

Also, if their yolk sacs are still attached, leave them in the incubator in a box on damp paper towel until it's absorbed/falls off. Some people say to leave them in there for 24 hours after hatching anyway

Also hurry up and charge your phone!!! YAY PICTURES!!!


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They were are all 3 running around so we took them out of incubator, and placed in a 10 gal. should I put them back? I am glad you said they might not eat yet as I'm freaking because they ate once this am but not since. 2 are readily opening thier mouths at us lol 1 not tho. hope he will be okay. I got one pic so far, now to figure out how to get on here. 2 weigh 2ozs. 1 is 3 ozs. They are all 3 1/2". Thank you so much, as this is our first set of babies, we have always had from 8 weeks and up.



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nah, don't put them back, if they were up and running around then they were clearly ready to leave the incubator. I left mine in long enough to get over being totally exhausted after hatching then moved them to their tank when they'd perked up a bit.

Have fun with them! teeny babies are so cute
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