Nero and Caligula my two roman dragons

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Hi, im new to these forums, im not a new dragon owner but Its been a while since ive had one, this time i got two.

Caligula she's my normal color


And Nero my ? color, the people i bought him from said blood but i dont think so... any idea what color he is?


Both of'em on their stick :p



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Ah, your right! Thank you very much, I had to get a different color so i could tell them apart to be honest :p. But Caligula isn't not doing so well, I've always had trouble with petsmart reptiles, hopefully she will get to feeling better since her new 10.0 reptisun uvb came in today


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sorry to hear that hope she is ok. i never buy from pet stores all 7 of mine come from breeders.


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Yeah i believe she just has a minor injury with one of her front hands/feet she can use it fine but keeps off of it, like its sprained or something, so im giving her a little extra calcium to be safe
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