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Needing help/advice


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Ah thank you for that warning! I'll be sure to make sure none are given! Hopefully it's an easy quick fix and will be back to his normal mischievous self!


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Vets weren't 100% sure sent us home with antibiotics and pain relief and just said no changed in 2 weeks to go back but sadly 4 days later he passed


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I am so sorry that you lost your boy, so suddenly. :cry:
It is difficult to know exactly what could have happened, without doing a necropsy.
I am so sorry for your loss.

Hello everyone, so ive had my trans dragon using a 5.0 UVB because i work for breeders and they told me trans dragons need 5.0 bulbs but everyone says to use 10.0… should i be using 10.0 even though she is a trans?
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