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Hello first iam new here i need some help please
Today we bought a bearddragon of 2 years and i ask if i could keep him in the garden and they told me yes
so they sold me a rabbit cage so he can stay in the shade or beeing protected of the rain
So we put in some big stones and it looks nice and she likes it she was in the sun all day
But now iam reading on the internet that they need to stay in the heat 24 hours so now i get doudts can i keep this animal in the garden ???
And is she gonna be ok in de night the day i think is ok but the night ?
and untill when can i keep here in the garden ????
I life in Durban south Africa

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Hi, welcome to the forum. I'm not sure what the temps are in south Africa. What are the temperatures during the day and at night? Is it the same year round? Does he get sun and have shade available at all times?

Is the rabbit cage completely enclosed so that no bugs or any type of other critters could get to him? What if a bird lands on top of the cage, that could scare him very badly even if it couldn't get to him and he wouldn't be able to hide from it, that would be awful.

If it was me, I wouldn't keep a beardie in the garden no matter if the temps were right or not. Perhaps a short time during the day would be ok as long as shade was available to him. They need human attention too.


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Hi thanks anyway here its hot specialy now its around 30 up the cage is in both sun and shadow and sun comes up at 430 so untill 1730 so enough sun during the day the kids play with here wheb they come from school so 1400 until 2000 she is in the house with them
the cage no bugs fly yes but she doesnt look at them the night is colder but still warm very humit here in durban
But i spook again to the guy who sold me and he says that they live in the dessert and that there it gets cold also at night so i guess she is okay for now for the summer and then in winter i will find something for inside

p.s how much veggie do they eat i gave here difirent things but she eats bitty bitty from everything i give ?
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