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Okay so yesterday Toruk got really excited when I was trying to transfer crickets from the paper bag they were in into a plastic container. When I was putting them into the container, which I do in the tank so if any cricket got out it'd go into the terrarium, anyways while I was transferring them Toruk started trying to get to them through the plastic. Well my supplier normally gets the right size and only that size, which right now for Toruk is medium size, somehow a large one (like twice the size of the mediums) got in and it came out and before I was able to take it out Toruk knocked the container over causing some to start hopping around the tank and the large one was one of them. I was doing my damnedest to get the big one out because I know that too large of prey can cause severe health problems for him. But unfortunately he got a hold of it before I could and he took like 20 seconds to get it down and I was trying to get him to drop it but I only managed to keep one its hind legs from going down. Well last night he started having seizures and I knew it was because of the cricket and when I woke up this morning before class I saw the remnants of the cricket that he barfed up. And now he occasionally has like micro seizures with just his toes or a single leg but it only happens after we pick him up and gently put him back into the terrarium so I'm no longer going to pick him up until I know what to do. When we picked him up the last couple times were to give him a bath since I figured that they'd be sort of like humans in the fact that when they vomit they become very dehydrated. So he drank a ton which I expected and then when we put him down he had a lot less of a seizure, that's when it was just his toes. I've already ruled out feeding him live feeders for today at least and I'm keeping collard greens in there right now that has calcium powder on it. So if anyone knows of anything that might help me help my beardie PLEASE post it! Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Poor baby having seizures. I guess in a good way it was good that he threw the cricket up, at least you know that it is not in there impacting him.

As far as the seizures, what type of uv bulb do you have? It could be a calcium deficiency if you have an old bulb or one that has low output. It could just be a coincidence that it happened the same time as the cricket incident? Sorry, I really dont know, basically just thinking out loud here.
But if you could, let us know what type and brand of uv bulb you have, so that we can see if that has anything to do with what is going on.

How is he doing now?


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Zilla desert sun 105 and a sun glow 150 watt for the heat source...he had one big seizure this morning where his back arched and his legs stiffened and twitched for about 30 seconds. Now, he is alert and moving around most times and only his back right leg spazzes once in awhile not like this morning. Last night we knew something was wrong because he was walking around, Toruk NEVER walks so we were worried. AS of now he is trying to sleep but we keep checking up on him so its kinda keeping him awake...

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Sorry to hear he had some trouble with a larger cricket. Definitely for now, do not feed him any live feeders until we make sure he is not impacted. Try getting some canned pumpkin, & sugar free applesauce along with a drop or two of olive or mineral oil Use a plastic dropper or syringe to feed it to him with.
You can give a warm bath, daily, as well. Massaging him on the right side, from the arm pit area, all of the way down to the vent may help to break up any fragments that may be in there.
There may be another issue involved here however. Unfortunately, the Zilla T-50 tropical series is not a good UVB light. How far away from your dragon is it? The UVB emissions have been known to be hazardous & have caused many eye injuries in the past. It doesn't really put out very quality of UVB wavelength which hinders the calcium absorption. Those types of seizures sound typical to a calcium deficiency problem.
The best UVB tube bulb here in the US thus far, is the Zoomed Reptisun 10. I would recommend that you upgrade to that one quickly.
You can get it for a really good price at

Let us know how he is doing.
This sounds like exactly what I have been going through with my 2 month old bearded dragon the past few days. He was fine the morning that I left for class, but when my boyfriend came home at 3 he was trembling and then had a massive seizure where his eyes were bulging out and his entire body was rigid. We rushed him to the vet and they gave him a calcium shot. It turns out that his calcium levels were really low because we hadnt got the right UVB bulb and it wasnt penetrating down to where he was in the enclosure. We got a new bulb that night so he could be under it for a few hours before bed. The calcium didnt seem to work the first night, because he had a seizure about every hour until he went to sleep around midnight. However, we woke up yesterday and he seemed very alert and hasnt had any other seizures since. I was realy afraid to feed him, so I got the Zilla calcium spray and sprayed it on some collard greens and he ate those. I also dripped some of the liquid calcium onto his nose.

He is doing so well now, its almost as if it never happened. The calcium, vitamin D3, and correct UVB bulb really made a difference. It oly took him about 24 hours to make an almost complete recovery.
Maybe go to your vet and have him checked out... or try getting a new bulb and giving him some of the liquid calcium

good luck, I know how scary it is :(



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Toruk is doing better, he only has the seizure in his back right leg now but his tail turns almost pure black so we know he's in pain. We've been giving him squash baby food with calcium mixed in to get his calcium levels up. And the seizures only happen if he is nervous.


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Tracie if we got a the new new bulb would it fit into our fixtures? made by Zilla? He ate a lot of babyfood with the calcium this morning and we will continue to give it to him throughout the day. We are also feeding it to Krayt just so both get the calcium. I feel bad cause there is nothing more we can do all this is...a waiting game now...


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Quick update. He just pooped and it stinks lol sorry. It looks like more remains from the damn cricket...not the usual color. Brown and white not black and white. He is eating lettuce right now as well.


You can get the reptisun 10.0 bulb in alot of different lengths. I order mine from petmountain because they are cheaper, have free shipping right now and their arrival time is awesome


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Yes, it should. Look at the measurements of both the bulb and your fixture. They're pretty standard. I ordered mine from pet mountain as well. Lot cheaper! That should make a major difference in your beardie! Good luck and keep us posted!


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Well Toruk is doing tons better! When he pooped earlier, it was harder than normal and ever since then he hasn't had a single seizure of any size! I'm pretty happy that he's doing better. I'm thinking that when he pooped he got rid of the last bit of carapace that his body couldn't handle and it passing through his system was causing his leg spasms.
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