Need help with rock for enclosure

Hello! I am looking to buy some rock to go in my beardies cage but can’t for the life of me find any good places to get stone from. I’ve looked on amazon but can’t find anything great.
I’m buying the stone so he can rub his femoral pores on it and help unclog them. So not sure if a flat surface (eg slate) would be the best option?

Do you have any good websites/stores/links? :)
thank you


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Yes at least mostly flat, no sharp edges that could injure him. Depending on where you live you can just pick some out of creeks or woods, just sanitize them before use. Slate is good btw, but it is soft and brittle some you have to be careful not to break it. Also if there is someplace near you thst sales landscaping suppies you can probably get it there (thats where i got mine, i did flagstone in my back yard and saved some for my beardies.)

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