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Need Help Shipping Bearded Dragon from Overseas


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My family and I are moving from Thailand to Dallas and the shipper can only get my sons beardie to Atlanta. None of the airlines coming out of Thailand allow reptiles. He is going to be shipped by Qatar Airways animal shipping service.

Does anyone know a breeder or beardie expert that might be able to pick him up at the Atlanta International Airport, care for him a couple of days, food and UV, make sure he is healthy after his international flight and them UPS FEDEX him to Dallas?

Or does anyone have a better idea, suggestions? I really don't want to drive from Dallas to Atlanta and back after just landing in Dallas. Of course the shipper just told me this today and I already have my airline tickets to Dallas.



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You might try joining a FB dragon group, maybe even a breeders group and see if you can find a breeder who can help.
The only other option I could think of is to locate a reptile specialty pet store in Atlanta and ask them. I would expect whoever you find will want a fee.


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Original Poster

Great advice, I have already reached out to a couple of different places including some pet delivery services. Hopefully I find something soon.



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Perhaps getting a professional shipping service like ShipYourReptiles involved may be helpful. They might be able to arrange for a transfer and continued shipping to Dallas from Atlanta. I'm not sure if they can do it, but it's probably worth asking them.
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