need a lil info please.

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i have got a boy an girl beardy and the girl was mated by her man on the 11th of june, she has dug, scratched and better done this, ive been told she shud have her eggs by saturday gone, then ive read it mite by an infertile clutch so may not even lay, then also 20-30 days after mating, then exactly on the 30th day, ive had allsorts of info but i seriously do not know which bit is right which is why ive joined here.

when i got my girl everyone, even the pet shops said she was a boy! so i got her a partner that we were told was a girl, this was indeed wrong, when i found out how to sex them it was the other way round so my girl is now carrying eggs but like i said im unsure as to when she is going to lay.

ive left a box in the viv but she goes in, digs and comes bk out again, she has wrecked the vivs decor by kicking it everywhere lol. i thought as she didnt seem to keen on laying in the box or viv id make her a box out side the viv, but she just digs aroung the edges as if wanting to be out.
She has gone off her food but is still active enough in her viv. Should i feed her with a syringe or at least give her water this way as she aint to happy with a bath.

info on my dragons are as
approx 1 year.
pregnant or just infertile eggs.
4ft viv
quite small (or so ive been told)

approx 1 year
same viv as above
good size.

any comments would be greatly appreciated as i want to do what is best for my girl as i dont know what to do for her. :banghead:



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If her eggs are fertile, you should be able to feel them in her belly like little marbles. Just run your fingers from front to tail and they will mostly be in the middle part of her abdomen.

Females can take anywhere from 3 to 5 weeks to lay eggs after breeding, usually they stop eating about a week before they lay.

You may need a bigger lay bin, they like to dig long, deep tunnels and the box you put in her viv is probably not big enough. First time egg layers will sometimes dig for 3 to 5 days before they feel comfortable enough to lay their eggs. I would get a 50lb bag of sand and put it in a large tote that measures at least 12" wide by 16" long and 10" deep. Wet the sand with water so that it is damp and holds its shape, then mound it up on one side of the bin so she can dig straight into it instead of downward.
Also, clamp a light on the side of the bin to keep her warm while she is digging.

If she hasn't eaten in several days, be sure to keep her hydrated by offering water or giving her a warm bath before you put her in the lay bin. Swirl the water with your finger or dribble it in front of her so she is tempted to drink, do this twice a day until she lays.


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You might want to separate them for the time being. You don't really want him to stress her out. Definitely set up a separate lay bin so she feels safe and secure, otherwise she may not want to lay.


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hi, thank you, ive done her a seperate one but she still not interested in laying but more interested in digging and digging and you guessed it digging lol. x x


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FYI: they can dig for DAYS!!! My girl lay her 2nd clutch a lil over a month ago --19 eggs. They're in incubator now but down to 10 eggs. Some were infertile as this was her 1st time. I fixed her a nest out of potting soil & vermiculite. Is soft for them to dig in. U definitely do not want her with ur male when she's digging & getting ready to lay. Miss Fatty dug for 6-1/2 DAYS in her nest (and about 2days b4 I made the nest). So she dug for over a week b4 finally laying. I thot she'd NEVER lay them -- she was frantic, running around, not eating, glass dancing, just going ape-%#^ u no! The night she lay she got more frantic w/ the digging & started to dig w/ her nose and head!! Watch for all this. The more frantic she becomes, the closer she is to laying. Do keep her in the nest & away from the male during this time. Then she'll eat like a horse after she lays. Make sure she has water too during digging. Fatty drank & drank & drank but wud not eat. Good luck!


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yes she eventually laid 15 fertile eggs on the 27th june at 5.40pm, now awaiting the big day/days for them to hatch.

ive tried to delete this thread but the i dont know how to lol.



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Ok -- I'm not sure how to do that either otherwise I'd share but as my PC has been "nuked" w/ one of the worst viruses known to man, I hafta access the web w/ my iPhone. There's lotsa stuff u can't do on it that u can on a regular computer so it probly wudnt work 4 me anyway. Lol but am glad she finally lay her eggs. It's so exciting! Congrats on becoming a new parent!! Glad everything's ok. :blob5: :blob8:
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