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i had both of my beardies out in my room. one being an adult and the other, still a juvie. the adult has not long started head bobbing and earlier i caught him biting the juvie on the neck. iv read that this is a sign of him being ready to breed. i know the adult is a male but does this mean that the juvie is a female? as he is showing signs of sexual activity towards the juvie... does this prove anything?


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okay thanks for the help. iv read up on this a while ago when i was having trouble sexing the adult but i know that it is very difficult if not impossible to determine the sex of a juvie until they are around 8 months old. im hoping the juvie is a female as i am hoping to bread them in the next few years. thanks again :D

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How old's your juvie? I got mine at 6 months and my boyfriend was able to tell her sex without a problem. The article says you can tell at 7-8".

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I hear the love song by Barry white now!! :lol: I think some one ether got some or wants some!!! :lol: Good luck.....


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I was able to tell at two months with mine. On the 'alleged' female, can you see the row of pores CLEARLY on the underside of the rear legs, or slightly/not at all?

If it is clearly showing, it is a male, and the action indicates dominance. If they are not clearly visible, then it is a female.
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