Nationwide Pet Insurance CANCELLED

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Bummer, that's disappointing =/. Sounds like another case of not understanding reptiles and their needs. Thanks for posting the update!


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I called back to confirm that both policies were cancelled and spoke to a different rep. Much nicer. He said the ultrasound was not covered because there was not a definitive diagnosis made. In other words tests to rule out things apparently are not covered if a diagnosis is not made.

If I had been told that upfront I never would have signed up. Useless.

kingofnobbys Sicko
Isn't that just typical of an insurance company ....

It would be better if vets formed a nation wide cooperative that offered proper exotic pet insurance (they'd have a much better idea than some know nothing insurance clerk/salesperson who had no vetinary knowledge at all.

Seems that insurance scheme is worthless and designed to take money and never pay out. A rip off in other words.


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Well after denying Daisy's sonogram to check for eggs to see if that was why she was acting off, I cancelled both policies. I just assumed they would deny coverage for Little Dragon.

Well Little Dragon had his biopsy before I cancelled and I submitted a claim for that. The total was $346 and Nationwide paid $216. Got the check today.

Sort of wish I would not have cancelled now. Oops.
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