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We never expected to get another dragon, but our neighbours next door wanted to give away Cleo, as he was called. We'd babysat him before, he's such a sweetheart. We nicknamed him Velcro because when he snuggles he never wants to go back to his viv, he hangs on as if he's made out of velcro.

So here he is. Today was his first day with us. He ate 13 supers and ate some squash, not bad for the first day he was here. He's only in a 30 gallon tank, which will be ok for now. He's 18" long but weighs only 200g. We figure he's probably 2 yrs old. Our neighbours rescued him last fall, they found him and a female (which they named Puff) on Craig's list. They were in a 30 gallon dirty tank, with sand and a huge log that took up 1/2 the space in the tank. Leo was at the bottom, he was sooooo skinny. He's gained weight, but never got the attention he deserved. I took some pics today, but will take more tomorrow. I think he remembers our place as didn't get stressed as I expected. No stress marks at all. When we let him run around the living room, he noticed our girls and immediate black beard, so his hormones are working!

He had a bath this morning, had a big poop, no smell, so not worried about parasites.

So here are a few pics, he's a yellow & dark gray, light gray colour.

Under the communal power sun in the living room:

Discovering there are girls in those tanks up above, he has a great black beard for such a skinny boy:

On the couch, he's got a pretty diamond pattern on his back:


Hope you enjoy
Deb and my six dragons :D :shock: :shock: :shock: :cry: :cry: :( :love5:

sweetiepie9 Sicko
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Still no eggs for Puff, so I think she's done, YEAH!

And today is the day I go to the Rescue to adopt my boy. I've decided to name him Nathaniel. I like the name & hopes it suits him. Once we're done at the rescue (fingers crossed that I'm approved), off to the pet shop to get crickets for the geckos. I have to find out what he eats, too. He needs a basking spot, so he's getting what I got for Gabriel. Next week he'll have a hide and he also gets the big log. I also have a small 1/2 log and a rock for him, we'll see how all that fits.

So got Leo and Gabriel up, as all 4 this am get baths.

And the best news MY FOLKS SOLD THEIR HOUSE YESTERDAY AND PUT IN AN OFFER ON THE CONDO THEY WANT. Already!!! I'm so thrilled for them. The couple that bought the house saw it in Sept, then they were on vacation but contacted the real estate broker on Friday and put in an offer right away. So that's out of the way, now to hear if she heard back from the condo owner and if she did and he accepts their offer, they're all set. They can relax, get the stuff out of the house that they don't want to move and it's all done. Most everything will fit in the new space, except the kitchen table, I'm wondering if the new people will keep that. My mom's taking the light above the kitchen table and their extra fridge, the rest of the large appliances stay with the house.

So off to get baths done and try to feed Puff, again. She's so skinny!

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So I got pictures of Didi today, last ones before I get to the vet next Saturday:

And a close up, tried to get as much of the cream off that I could:

Here's the first picture I took of him, so 2 months later, he's so much improved!

And a selfie of me holding Gabriel and Leo, up for their weekly baths. Neither were happy to be woken up :mrgreen:

Now they're basking but when lights go out I figure they'll be sleeping again.

Puff is on "her" ramp and Gabriel isn't fussing about it, so he must be getting sleepy again. Now it's her turn for bath & liquids, then I'm off to pick up Nathaniel :blob8: :blob5: :blob8:

Esther19 Addict
Great news about your folk's sale. Hopefully their offer will be accepted and the move will be underway soon. Can't wait to hear about Nathaniel! Very exciting. :D Do you suppose you'll have time to post pics after he gets settled in? I'm sending hungry thoughts to Miss Puff in hopes that she will have a big appetite today. Didi looks so much better!

BlueDragon09 Addict
Awesome glad they sold their home! Hope they get the condo they want.

Didi looks back to normal! Glad the cream worked.

Your two babies are so unhappy about getting up
for baths. Sounds like Zim :lol:.

sweetiepie9 Sicko
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Hi Esther, just putting in the newspaper in his tank, warming up his blankets for transport and as soon as I'm home, I'll post pics and his story.

Goonie Sicko
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Esther19":3psu70p2 said:
I'm sending hungry thoughts to Miss Puff in hopes that she will have a big appetite today.
:laughing6: You're too funny!

What a relief for your parents that they sold their house. I hope they'll receive the offer on the condo so the move could start.

Didi's eye looks really, really good. The swelling is gone, the mouth sores are nearly non-existent. Even his colorings are back. Great job, Deb!

Can't wait to see Nathaniel! I am certain that you will be approved for adoption.

zandi202 Addict
I cannot get over the improvement in Didi's eye. It has gotten so much better.

Poor Leo and Gabriel - they must have been so groggy.

I love the name Nathaniel. Can't wait to see pics!

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So Nathaniel is home, he stayed in my coat to Walmart for collard greens, then the pet shop for crickets and a basking spot, then to my friend Joanne's, who gave me a pile of phoenix worms, then to Safeway to pick up the rest of my list and home. He stayed in my coat the whole time, he was so good. He also tiny, he's supposed to be a year old but he's only 15 1/2" long and 218g. He's right now in his tank eating ALL the phoenix worm, crickets are next.

So here's Nathaniel, he's a cute little thing which I intend to fatten up & hopefully he'll grow longer, too.

And this what is what Puff was doing after her bath :lol:

She was making like a pious beardie in those pictures :mrgreen:

I weighed everyone this morning:
Puff 438g
Didi 434g
Gabriel 556
Leo 574

So Puff needs to gain at least 75g to be her regular weight of 505

Didi has gained 3g

Gabriel has lost 10g

Leo has lost 36g since he's been brumating. I'm glad, he's still overweight, but at least he's coming down. He should be 535, even though 550g is ok. I can't have him weighing 610, which is what he weighed b4 he fell asleep. I'm only taking Didi (he'll get a blood panel done) and Puff on Saturday, but during the week I'm off Jan 5-9, if I have enough $ (after car repairs), Leo will get another blood panel. I want that done every 6 mo, maybe 9 mo, because of his tendency for high liver and kidney levels. Have to keep an eye on that.

So Nathaniel is a love and I'm glad I decided to get him. Val, the rescue owner, is a great person, I gave her an extra $20 towards Nathaniel's brothers, as he was with 2 others in a small tank since birth. Val won't do that, so they all have their own tanks, but the other 2 aren't as healthy as Nathaniel, which is why they're not ready for action. She said he had pinworms, but he's clear now. I'll still take a fecal in in January & want him checked out, too, by my vet. So we'll see what the car costs, need to replace both headlights, my brother Richard is going to get those for me. Plus there's a smell of gas in the car when I put the heating fan on, so that has to be checked into, too.

So tell me what you think of my new boy :D

Esther19 Addict
I think he is quite handsome. I love his coloring! A good addition to your crew. And what a good boy to stay in your coat that long! He loves his mommy already. :love5:

Poor Puff does look skinny. I remember when Cissy could fold her arms in front of her like that. I hope Puff eats well for you.

It sounds like you had a really busy day. I'll bet you're exhausted. Try to get some rest after all the excitement. :D

BlueDragon09 Addict
Aww Nathaniel looks great! Glad he's not sick anymore either.

Puff looks so proud of herself sitting like that.
Vash or Alucard don't sit like that, would be
so funny if a male did sit like that.

But anyway, glad Nathaniel is home with you
where he'll stay for a good long life.
He's a very yellowish dragon, beautiful & handsome.
Ok he's not exactly yellow. Love the pattern on his
head though.

sweetiepie9 Sicko
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Thanks so much Esther and Kami, I'm very pleased with him. I had him on the ramp for a bit & he discovered the dragon in the glass, well a black beard popped out & he tried to eat that other dragon :lol:

So he's decided to be my computer helper, he's starting at the screen as I'm typing but he's also eyeing what's around him. Awww, he just licked my finger :love5: I got 2 pics of him on the computer keyboard, so I'll post them in a minute.

Close up with the flash:

He has the same pattern that Sweetie had, awwww :D

A bit further away without the flash. He is a little bit of a thing :mrgreen:

Goonie Sicko
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Welcome home, Nathaniel!
What a good boy he was to stay under your coat during all of your errands. Sounds like he will be a good one to keep out in the living room with you.
He doesn't look like he was starved; just a tiny thing.

Puff's pose is so cute! Acting just like a lady :lol:

Esther19 Addict
My Buster has always been small, too. He usually weighs between 350-360 grams, whereas Maisy and Fred are flirting with 600. Fred and Buster are almost the same age. Nathaniel is very handsome. Love his pattern and coloring. Looks like he's a perfect fit! Does he like to watch cartoons? :D

sweetiepie9 Sicko
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He does and he also managed to jump over the 2 barriers leading behind the TV & that's where I found him. So I've learned I can't turn my back on him for a second, already :lol: He loves Lonzo's logs and that's where he's spent all the time in his tank, so I moved the light above that spot, see if he goes there tomorrow am when the lights all go on. Well except for Gabriel's light, he's back asleep.

Right now Nathaniel is snuggled up under Lonzo's big log, he just loves that big thing, I'm glad I put it in his tank. It's so good to see furniture and a dragon in that tank again :D
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