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First of all, it would be helpful to know the sex of my beardie (See this thread: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=175833 )

I wanted to name him Spike, but I've found a vast number of dragons named "Spike" online. Is this like naming your dog "Spot"? If so, I have some other ideas:

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First off, as was said in the previous thread, we cannot sex a beardie unless we see pictures of the vent. But beardie really is too young to be positive of the sex for quite some time. I would just be patient and wait like the rest of us have too and choose a good unisex name. I agree spike is plain as well as over used. I am a fan of weird not so used names with inner meaning. But Aussie is cute


I vote for Darwin, Icarus, or Chase.

Or, if you want more name ideas, try looking at baby naming websites. That's where I got the name Baz for my bearded dragon - it's Gaelic for "spear", like the shape of his head.


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You don't have to name him/her right away. Take some time to know his personality and a name may just jump out at you! Bindi took me a week to name, Archimedes took a few hours. He came with the name Jose, but every time I looked at him I just wanted to call him Archimedes! So I tell people his name is Archimedes, Jose for short! :lol:

Yes, I find that hilarious! But I have a weird sense of humor! :D


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Uluru is a good one. How about Bunyip? I like that one, and maybe it'll fit him/her. Cute little beardie by the way. :D


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Thank you all for your input. And I'm sorry I asked you to do the impossible (guessing the sex of my baby). Any of us has a 50-50 chance. So far I've seen no head bobbing, although there has been arm-waving. But once again, I've read those signs may mean nothing.

I think you helped me nix "Spike". 25 years ago, I named my Amazon parrot "Gabby" and thought of him as a "he" until it was confirmed six years later by DNA. This was before the wave of girls named Gabrielle / Gabby. I was thinking "Gabby Hayes" like the old man with the white beard. Now every time I say, "His name's 'Gabby'," people think he's a she. Oh well. :)

After the sex become apparently, I could always rename, I suppose.

Again, thanks.


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My bd was named by my daughter... she was upset that it seemed like I had named every dog etc we ever owned because the kids could never agree... and sure enough if I named it the boys would love the name and she wouldn't... - SIBLINGS :banghead: So when I got out bd she called me at work and asked if she could name it.. I reminded her most pets always eventually name themselves... our yorkie.. named Taz because he is a tazmanian devil I tell ya... our mix breed pup.. named Dodger..because he absolutely goes nuts over the sound of a dodge truck... he just loves them...... Dodge didn't fit so he got Dodger. ....Her brothers loved each name... she didn't.. of course.. because as a teenaged girl.. heaven forbid she agree with anything.. she begged and begged.. I finally gave in and said sure you can name it. She called me back.. and said.. his name is Jimmy........ So, Jimmy it is. It doesn't fit a bd but that's his name and I pray he is a he! :shock: Regardless i some how doubt he cares what he is called as long as he is fed and treated right :p


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TheWerewolf":qws84kfk said:
Uluru is a good one. How about Bunyip? I like that one, and maybe it'll fit him/her. Cute little beardie by the way. :D

Thanks. Of course, I didn't make him cute. He just is. ;)


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raidiowires":37ocz4en said:
Use Grove! Grover!! Grove!!

I'm a fan of "Grover," too. I am also thinking of "Morris" because he will not eat Phoenix worms. Just crickets and fruit flies. (Yeah, I tried the fruit flies for kicks. He loves them.)

On edit: How about "Crikey"? He makes me want to say it because I worry over every little lack of interest in food (Phoenix worms) and poop. I think I'm the one with problems, not him, but still: "Crikey!"


i wish naming was easier.. everyone in my family calls her sonny and she responds, but i kinda like sydney.. haha. so many options..
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