My Yuna suddenly seems to fear me or dislike me!


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So my best friend gave me her bearded dragon a couple months ago i think she’s a female so I named her Yuna. Well instantly we Created a bond! Within a week it seemed like she knew her name lol but also every time I would come home (she’s in our living room) or even walk in the room as soon as she would hear my voice her head would start turning and she would watch me and scrap at the inside of her aquarium until I took her out. I was holding her all the time, watching tv, falling asleep together, etc. but suddenly last week she had one big shed and since then everytime I go try to talk to her or to near the aquarium it’s like she freaks out her beard is black, puffing a couple times and black circles all over her belly. I dont know what to do! I’m almost getting nervous around her because I don’t know what she will do. I will say this behavior started right before her shed and I don’t know if this has something to do with it but I also went from blonde hair to my natural dark brown and that was also when she started. Please help!


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Shedding can throw them off, my boy seems like he is going into a shed right now and also lets me know he dies nit want to be touched or otherwise bothered right now. If that is the reason it should work itself out in a couple of days or a week or something like that.

Your hair color could maybe possibly (= I'm not 100% sure) have something to do with it. They have way better eyesight than we humans and they see more different colors than we do....but she should still recognize you.

Have you tried just holding your hand (palm facing her if you are worried, so she can not bite you) close to her? She should pick up your scent.
How is her activity right now compared to before?

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