My sweet Puff...RIP

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This is the first I have been able to come here to make this post. On Sunday evening at around 9:20, my precious Puff passed away. I have no idea what happened, but on Saturday morning when i first woke up, Puff was sitting on top of his head, head up, eyes bright and alert. I went back to bed for a couple of hours, and when I woke up again, Puff was laying on the bottom of his viv, cold and pale but still alive. Then he started having diarrhea. I tried giving him some squash baby food, but he vomited it up. I gave him many soaks throughout the day. sunday I had to work, but I had my son and daughter(both adults) watching out over him during the day. That evening when I got off work I got some pedialyte, and I mixed a diluted bath of it for him and put him in it to soak. When i took him 20 minutes later, he was gone.
I am heartbroken. I love that little guy or girl so much and i just can't believe he is gone. I had his husbandry all right thanks to this wonderful site, so i don't know how he could have gotten so sick so fast. There was no sign of injury. On Friday, the day before he got sick, everything was fine. he ate well and had two good and normal bowel movements so I am at a loss.
It is so hard to look at his viv. It is so empty, and I feel so lost without him here.
I just wanted to let everyone here know. I am so greatful that I found this site. You all helped me to keep him happy and healthy until the last couple of days. I am wondering if his micro superworms could have gone bad, but they are very active, and there is no odor in their container. I will write more was very hard to come on here and write this, but I had to let you all know.
Cindy...Puff's mama
here is a memorial video I made of my precious Puff...

Thank you all for everything!!


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I am so sorry! Please accept our deepest sympathy. Our Norton passed away yesterday-such a tough time of year to suffer such a loss. Something from another site I learned is that they aren't gone they are now our guardian angels ((GA)) Fly free sweet Puff- see you at the bridge, healthy and well. ((Hugs)) Liz and family
PS something I just noticed...we joined the same day!


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I was very sorry to read about Puff's passing this morning!!!!!! PLease accept our hugs and sympathy,I know how you feel. Although he was not mine the little dragon that turned me on to dragons died recently and it broke my heart,he was so gentle and loving and he is the reason I now have 2 of my own and am trying to help another get his footing and start growing!!!!!!!!! Puff,RIP little guy and we will meet at the rainbow bridge one day.


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I am so sorry for your loss. The memorial video was precious and heart breaking. Just know he is celebrating Christmas in Heaven.

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Cindy, I'm so sorry. Puff was absolutely adorable. This must be so difficult for you and your family especially this time of year. I know Widge and all the other precious beardies are taking good care of your little one at Rainbow Bridge. If you feel like talking, we are here.

That video was adorable. R.I.P. Puff

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I am so so sorry to hear that. There are really no words. The memorial video was so sweet. I definitely cried reading the latest blog post. Hang in there and keep your head up. As Diane said, we are all here if you need to talk.

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Cindy, I really am so sorry about poor sweet Puff.
Puff was such a great beardie, and very well loved.

Love and hugs
Jennifer, Waffle, Foster and Brady
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