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I debated whether this belonged in the introduction's forum or this one but because we lost these two more than 4 years ago I decided it should probably be here as they aren't new beardies, just new to you all as I've never really shared them with you. These first two, Miss O (for orange) and Miss Y (for yellow) were best friends. I didn't realize until almost 2 or so years after we lost them that this is very unusual. You would have had to see them together to understand that they were talking to each other, usually a lot and every day.

I will share some pics of them with you

Bill found Miss O hiding in this box inside of our living room and had to take a picture of her. Since the camera we were using at that time was a film camera, he took her and the box outside on our steps, which is probably why she looks a little annoyed.

Here's Miss Y and her yellow/black chin

Here they are enjoying Bill's Lamborghini

Miss O liked to hide this way a lot, with her loving look. She knew we loved her and that was very important to her.

Here's a pic of her chin, this pic looks like we took it at night, but we didn't

We submitted this pic for the calendar some years ago. This is one we took that I never noticed until we sent this in for the calendar that they were talking to each other. In this one, Miss Y was saying "I don't feel good" and Miss O was saying "I know, and I'm sorry" Miss O was like that, she had to comfort. She needed someone to love her and to be loved, and comfort when she knew we needed it.

I had better submit this before I delete what I've done, again.


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This is really touching. I'm glad you shared it with us, it's rare to see beardies being friendly with each other, but it's refreshing and also amazing too. They seemed to be the best of friends :)
Thanks so much!

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They were, I really miss them and wish we still had them, but then we wouldn't have had Redrock, Sandstone or not gotten Rosie. We may have taken Goldie as she's our rescue from a lady that didn't realize how important uvb was to them.


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Oh sheesh, that's sad how common that is, isn't it. Did you give them away or did they pass away?

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We would still have them but they died. Miss Y died on August 6th of 2006 and Miss O died on October 4, 2006. MIss O was depressed after her friend died. Even the vet we took her too his first comment was she's depressed. After Miss Y died, she hid under our bed, she wouldn't go to their favorite basking spot (bedroom window) for days afterwords. Our love for her helped her but the fact that she was ill to start with caused her to die sooner than she might have.

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Now for the first pic I took of Redrock and Sandstone


You never hear me talk about Sandstone because he/she disappeared in the month of February, we'd just had him/her for 4 months at that time and we never saw her again. I'm not really sure what sex sandstone was.

Here's one of the first pics we took of her belly. She got this quick, after eating only between 20 and 60 crickets every day.

I'm sure a lot of you remember this pic, or even her this way

This one is of her the first year we'd had her, outside in my mother's yard. She seems afraid because she was always afraid of places she didn't know

I freaked out a little when she started growing a really large beard. It eventually got this big. This is the only pic I took of her beard like this and it was on my cell phone


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Awww so sweet, im sad you lost them :/
It just shows a true friendship, and how they died within days is just so touching!
They must of been the best of buddies,
They look like two truly amazing beardies :D


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No, iv never seen anything like it before!
My two girls always attack each other,
They must of just put aside there natural behaviour and just saw eye eye...

I would of truly loved to witness there beautiful relationship!

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I wish I could see that again, also. I sure do miss that. We didn't have to worry about leashes with them, they rarely wandered far. Goldie and Rosie wander a lot, especially in the summer. Redrock didn't wander much either.

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Thank you for sharing the pictures and stories with us Lori :D They are all beautiful! Miss Y and Miss O sure had a special bond :D
I 'm sorry abut Sandstone :( In the second set of pictures is that Redrock with the big beautiful beard?
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