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My Oatmeal, an elder dragon

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I first posted about Oatmeal under the username OatsNVigo on this forum eleven years ago, and her life was saved by kind posters. She was three and a half years old, and having seizures. The first "exotic animal vet" I took her to told me she was in renal failure and dying. He suggested I euthanize. When I refused, and wanted to try to save her, he gave me several syringes filled with saline and told me to give her subcutaneous fluid. I can tell you that is not an easy task, but I did it. I wish I could remember her username (I believe her name was Tracey,) but a woman responded to me and emailed extensively with me to help get Oatmeal healthy again. I syringe fed her, and found a great local herp vet who found that my Oatmeal had a calcium deficiency. Within two days of liquid calcium and more syringe feeding, her seizures lessened, and then stopped. Tracey (I think) helped me because she had lost her beloved beardie, and didn't want me to go through that same pain. It was in July of 2007 that this happened.

From then on, Oatmeal couldn't see that well. I'm not sure if it was neurological or actual vision, but her depth perception was off. When she was back on solid foods, she'd aim for about an inch to the left of the food. We learned together how to get food in her (I would just move it closer to where she was grabbing until she caught it.) For the next eleven years, we did this at every meal. Besides the seizures and subsequent issues, she also dealt with a dominant sister, Vigo. She had a scar on her abdomen from a heat rock burn (back before I knew how bad they were.) She and her sister got me through a lot of tough emotional times by falling asleep on me and sapping my warmth (aka giving me hugs.) I loved both of my girls so much, but Oatmeal was my little fighter. Because I spent so much time nursing her back and feeding her by hand, we had a special bond.

Vigo and Oatmeal came into my life on April 3rd, 2004. My ex-husband and I had been doing research and decided it was time. When we went to pick one out, the woman handed my ex one (Vigo,) and me another (Oatmeal.) We decided that they both would be coming home with us. They were about 4-6 months old then, and I figure they were hatched in December of 2003. We lost Vigo in late November of 2016 at the age of almost 13. I had always prepared myself for Oatmeal to go first because she had problems. Vigo was big and strong and healthy her whole life, and it was a shock. I was worried about her until January, but she did great. Over the past three or so weeks, she stopped eating by herself, so I went back to syringe feeding her. We went to my home state to visit my mom last week, and Oatmeal came with us. I brought her with me when I would be staying somewhere overnight, because I wanted to keep an eye on her. While we were there, I had thoughts about what I would do if she passed there, but we got her home on Wednesday night. Thursday, I picked her up to say goodbye (I was going away again for the weekend and my husband was going to watch her.) She was acting sluggish, and I had another fleeting thought that, perhaps she was preparing to go.

I got the call on Friday morning that she was gone. Oatmeal was in my life for 14 years, 3 months, and 17 days. There hasn't been an hour that has gone by since I got that call that I haven't wondered what else I could have done for her. Even though she was incredibly old, I still wish I had more time with her. But I believe she was ready to go. I hope she has found Vigo, and that I will live my life good enough to be able to see them again when it's my time.

Farewell, my little fighter, and my little love. You lived so much longer than anyone thought possible, and I am grateful for every single second with you.
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