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My new baby!


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KarrieRee":31ayahic said:
Welcome to the forum-- he is really pretty- any questions about husbandry or anything please post and ask

Thank you!!! I’m pretty fond of him! I’ve just about got everything I need regarding info for him. I researched for 10+ mo before I even got him. I have a zen and am having trouble maintaining temps so I’ve been looking into inside mounts, and or eliminating the CHE and trying Arcadia Heat projector. Currently I researching the best digital temperature control . I’d like to have one for basking area and his regular hot side in general if I’m going to use something as powerful as the heat projector. It’s either this or get a roll of cork and insulate the outside of my tank. I’m always open to suggestions and I’m going through all the forums on here and reading posts to see if there is something I haven’t tried!


BD.org Sicko
I have a two Zens -- I am using a Exo Terra 150 watt basking bulb on top of the screen - I really dont know anything about heat projectors but the one you could ask is CooperDragon same w/ the digital temp control -- I have a 100 watt CHE that is only used in the winter time - my UVB is a Zoo Med 24" fixture placed in the front center of the tank w/a Arcadia 12% bulb T 5 as you will and another 75 watt basking dome that sits behind it on top of the screen for second basking spot- it keeps temps in the 90's - my hot spot is towards the back w/ the Exo Terra and a piece of decor that sits directly under it giving gradient temps for higher basking - - I would PM CooperDragon and see what he can say about your projector etc --- click on his name on the board and his profile will come up then on the left side of the page find PM --
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