My mischievous Bandit

She's the cutest little reptile I've ever seen. I never in my wildest dreams would have thought that I would own a beardie. I've always heard negative things about them. Boy, were all the things I've heard wrong... I've learned not to freak out over the small things anymore, that a reptile is a reptile and does as she pleases. I've learned how to properly care for her all because of the wonderful people on this site and I would like to thank you all for all the advice. I bought her when she was around 5 inches.. She's now over 8 :) I bought her July 24th at a Petsmart near my work.She fell off a tree when we approached the tanks and ran to the glass when I was looking at her. I would say she picked me instead of me picking her :) I did hours upon hours of research but I made my mistakes especially with those "starter kits" but now I've fixed everything and we are on our road to a healthy, long beautiful life. Without further ado, here's some pictures :)
Our first day together!













My favorite picture by far,

sexy leg ;)


can you find the dragon??

she was shedding a bandanna apparently which suits her name perfectly lol



Queen of the castle,

nom nom, crazy face,


look at those little spikes... AAAH so cute...

I have no idea how she kept herself up like that... I came home from work to find her sleeping like this...

I love her.

I feed the dragon a nice breakfast... How am I repaid? With a cranky dragon... :(




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It looks like a bunch of blackheads on her chin :( it's gross and she's losing fur there so it's more noticeable :( I'm gonna try some home remedies I've looked up and if it doesn't clear in a week or so it's another vet visit with her :(

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Your babies are all so adorable. I really do love Ellie's coloring and Zoey is just so pretty. Bandit - I could just cuddle you.

Are the blackheads forever?


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Thanks Liz!

No I've read cats can get them from plastic bowls and one of the feeding bowls I used was plastic so I threw that out with the food still in it lol and it just required daily warm soap water scrubs and they're almost all off besides the ones on her lips (which I'm gently trying to squeeze out and bless her gentle little soul, she's putting up with most of it and if she wiggles or flinches I release her)

I finally got the hamster to stop biting me lol but unfortunately there aren't enough hours in the day to spend with all of them :(

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You're right, when my hubby worked in a pet shop, we got the care sheet on here printed up & this site was at the bottom.

How are you all?


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It's with a heavy heart that I say Benjie passed away on the 25th :( his care taker was giving me updates and he sent me an email that morning that poor little Benjie didn't wake up :( he was 8 if I'm not mistaken :(

RIP little guy, at least you were in wonderful hands with someone who cared for you and you the proper care.

Bailey is doing good except her leg has an irreversible condition and it like detached so she can't move it :( otherwise she's doing okay (so the guy tells me but he doesn't think she's gonna live much longer either)

Bandit is as fat as ever. Spoiled as can be. My mom is making me get rid of her but I cried to my boyfriend and he said he'll hold onto her for me :) which works best since I'm mainly there all the time anyways.

Anyways, hope all is well with all of you!

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I'm so sorry to hear about Benjie, it's always sad to lose a dragon, I lost my Rubio on Easter Sunday, he was almost 6 yrs old, he had a brain tumour, so I sure understand how you feel. RIP Benjie, you're over the Rainbow Bridge, healthy, running and chasing bugs with my Rubio.

And Baily isn't doing well, I'm sorry to hear that, too.

Glad to hear that your boyfriend will be taking Bandit in, that will help you alot. At least that's good news.

Other than losing Rubio, my other 5 are all doing well. They've all had their yearly vet exams and all are in good health. Gabriel, my youngest, keeps me laughing, he's always into something or up to something. If I don't let him out, he pouts, it's hilarious to watch him.

Take care!

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I'm so sorry to hear about both Benjie and Bailey. Sorin was having a rough time this year with septic arthritis in his legs and we were afraid we'd loose him. Thankfully he is going strong. Just remember that you gave these guys the best life they could have asked for and that's all that matters. You tried and you did not fail them.

I'm sorry to hear about your mom kicking Bandit out. Did she say why? Bandit is such a sweet girl and so beautiful. We need a picture update on her. As well as some pictures of two cute kitties.


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Hey deb!

I'm sorry to hear about Rubio :( I know how much you loved him :(

Liz! I'm sorry to hear about sorin too I'm glad he's ok :)

And my mom is weird lol she just wanted her out I think cause I wasn't coming home as much. Luckily she's okay with my cats until I move out entirely which hopefully will be within the year.


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Glad Baily is ok & that you'll be moving out soon, keep us posted. Awww, your cats are beautiful!

I lost a few last year, Rubio, Lonzo (old age) and Didi in Jan. So I have 2 new dragons, year old twins, Cierra and Nathaniel. I got them from our local rescue society. It was just too awful having empty tanks. They're alot of fun, Nathaniel reminds me alot of Lonzo and is in his tank. Cierra likes to sit in the same places as Didi.

Cierra on her new towel:

Nathaniel likes to black beard, just like Gabriel

Gabriel is going soft, he decided he liked this bed I got for Puff

Leo is as lazy as ever, he's getting older, he's 8 now.

My Puff has surgery yesterday but didn't make it, she's being buried with her brothers today.
I'm going to miss her so much. She was the same age as Leo.


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Oh my goodness I missed out on so much!!!! I'm so sorry!!! The new ones are beautiful, they're lucky to have you!!

I'm sorry about puff :( :( :(

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It was surgery to spay her as she was laying constant eggs, 5 clutches since Sept. I think she was more worn out than we thought. It happens. If I get another one, it will be a male. I'm not getting anymore girls, ever. I hate the eggs, don't want to have to deal with them anymore.

The twins are really cute and only a year old. They were really small when I got them and still growing. I'm hoping they get to normal size, at least 18" long and 450g by the end of the year. They were both 15" long and Nathaniel was 218g and Cierra was 185g. Cierra's just over 16" long now and 271g and Nathaniel is 17" long and 357g, so we're getting there. There's another brother that's being fostered, I just sent an email to see if he's been adopted or is still available. I should hear next week. I really miss Puff but hate seeing an empty tank. I'll see how that goes.

Puff is going to get buried today with her brothers, RIP my sweet girl. I'm sure going to miss her.

I'm glad Bandit is doing so well, he sure is beautiful. I wish you well on finding a place to live. Are you working full time now?

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