My Maxx Is Making Stranges Sounds Help!

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Hi everyone,

I am a new member but have been reading up on everything the past couple weeks.

We got our son a bearded dragon about 6 weeks ago and everything has been great - he eats well (about 40-50 crickets a day and a dish of greens) poops well (about 2 times a day) and seems pretty happy in general.

The past week he has started making this strange noise - almost sounds blowing air out his mouth or a hiccup - my son thinks it sounds like a bull frog off in the far distance.

He started like i said a week ago and each day he has done it more often.

Its starting to now scare us thinking it could be something wrong with him?

We did move into a 45 gallon tank from a 20gallon but like i said he seems happy since his move.

Does anyone know what this sound could mean?



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Hi - I don't know but am wondering if u posted it in the ER section just in case its a respiratory infection - the guys on their are REALLY knowledgable. All the best!
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