My main account has been marked inactive? Locked out of main

Hello all, I have been locked out My main account that I have been using for over 3 years after I got a new email and tried to update my account info to the new email, I did all the necessary steps needed but I never got a reactivation email and I have been locked out of my account ever since. My main account is “HippieLizards”.

I’ve already sent an email to the board administrator Alex a few days ago, but I am still yet to receive a response or any help. I Saw a post recently about someone having a similar problem, so hopefully this isn’t too abnormal?

Anyways, if there’s any way to reactivate my main account so I can continue using that one would be greatly appreciated.

(Edit) this is a screenshot of my original account, showing that it is inactivated for some reason. :?

The mods can deactivate/delete this account if required,
Thank you.

Claudiusx Sicko
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Hey Hippie, sorry I saw your post on the other thread but I missed this one. Problem should be resolved now :)

Ok now that you explained what happened, that lines up with what the logs say. Why it deactivated you im not sure of, but it was in relation to changing your email. I will pass this along to Alex and have him look into it so that it doesn't happen in the future.



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Yeah, thankfully I’m back in my main account now, must have been some accidental bug or flag I’m guessing? Anyways it’s all good now and I’m glad I’m no longer locked out of my account lol. And once again Thank you!


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Daisy, Loki, Rocket, Phoenix, Mulder & Scully. Non beardie pets: Stan (Leo) Cayde (Hognose) Tillery (cat)
Yup, thankfully everything is good now. :)

Claudiusx Sicko
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Drache613":33kujbjl said:

Sorry you had some trouble! I'm glad Cooper was able to get it back for you. :D

And by Cooper do you mean CLAUD!! :angry5: :mrgreen:


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