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My kit for giving oral medicines to lizards

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BD.org Sicko

This a 23Gauge SUREFLO Catheter Tube (needle removed by vet) , cost me about $2 for the catheter tube.... works a treat with nice fluid medicines and liquid suppliments like CalciVet.
Slip the flexi plastic tube inbetween upper and lower lips at corner of mouth until the tube is on the tongue and then push the plunger.
Especially good for very tiny lizards and hatchlings, I used this size catheter tube with Lucky when he was about 4g body weight to give him his oral antibiotics and his calcivet oral doses.


A 14Gauge (?) feeder nozzle (green plastic feeder) bought on Ebay (2x + 2 syringe caps) cost me $3. Works OK with viscous slurries ie finely pureed beardie pellets. Will be OK medicines too.


A 14Gauge Crop Needle , works great, and can not cut the lizard's lips or gums or tongue, can use to get food and supps and meds down the throat and directly into the lizard's stomache.


BD.org Sicko
Staff member
It's nice to have the different sized options available. For most meds I've used a 1ml dosing syringe

or if more is needed I use a 5ml or 10ml syringe. I use a 10ml syringe for water.

These work pretty well but the tips are hard plastic and get mangled if they are chewed so I usually order a bunch of them (they're super cheap) so I can replace them easily when needed.


BD.org Sicko
Original Poster
Yep I too have a bunch of syringes (I bought in bulk in 1ml, 5ml, 10ml, 50ml) , the look I got from pharmacist's shop assistant when I asked for 20 each of each size in disposeable syringes was priceless - I think she thought I was a drug dealer LOL , but why buy 1 went 10 or 20 will be much more convenient to have in the stash ) , and of cause a proper feeding syringe too.

Add to my kit a 8Gauge crop/feeding needle and a 12Gauge crop/feeding needle for giving viscous suppliments like HerpaBoost , CrittaCare where a 3mm bore makes getting these to flow much easier.
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