My girl laid 3 eggs... ON ME? Is this normal?

Hey y'all! So one of my females, Ziggy Marie, laid her first clutch a few days ago. Around 4 that afternoon, she began laying in her cool side hide/ cave. It took her about an hour and a half. When she first began to lay, I tried to stay back to give her privacy. She wasn't having it. After a couple of eggs, she came to the front of the enclosure looking scared and would stand there for a min and go back to her hide and back to the front of the tank as if she were looking for me. Once I came to her enclosure, she stopped leaving her hide and laid the rest of her eggs... or so I thought. There was a total of 23 eggs and she was working hard to bury them. Gave her a bath and fed her some super worms and dubias. She ate and drank a lot of water. As per usual, I got her out and my other female around 830 for their normal nightly snuggles in what I call their papoose (an infinity scarf that kind of cradles them both on each side of my chest like little hammocks). She was dead asleep after just a few min. About 30 min went by and she suddenly started to wiggle a little so I pulled the scarf back and saw her eyes pop wide open and her a little "poof" breath and she climbed a few steps upwards towards my neck to nuzzle and went right back to sleep. Upon further inspection, I found a perfectly round egg in the papoose! This process happened 2 more times with total going from 23 to 26 eggs in total. She didn't seem concerned about these 3 eggs at all! It was like she knew they were safe so she just went right back to sleep each time! It was so wild... has anyone else had their girl lay eggs ON them? Is this normal? I love all 4 of our dragons very much, but Ziggy and I have a special bond as she was the first to win me over and make me fall in love with her when I first didn't really want anything to do with them. Lol My daughter got them and I was totally unaware of how much personality they have and how affectionate they are, but she took a liking to me instantly and quickly became "my" dragon. Anyway, just wondering if this had happened to anyone else and if I should be expecting this whenever she lays again? I couldn't find any info on this happening when searching the topic. Thanks


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Ive seen a video of a bearded dragon laying on there owner. They layed 17 eggs on there owner. I dont know if its normal, or something to worry about, but i have seen it before.


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I think it can be normal for them to have a couple eggs still left when they "finish" laying. Only 1 time did mine lay more after she was done and covered them up but she did it over night and I saw it in the morning. So while I don't think laying them on a person is normal, laying a few more after she seems done is normal.


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I don't have the answer but I LOVE THIS POST- :love::love::love:
If I had to guess, it's Ziggy's love for you- feeling safe, comfortable.

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