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My Gippsland water dragon won’t eat greens

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I’ve owned my 7 month old water dragon for around 5 months now, at the beginning when he was smaller (they grow quite quickly) I only fed him mealworms mixed with salad and some calcium dust, but after the first couple months I converted to feeding him large crickets, earth worms and a coupla super worms with calcium dust every now and again because I read somewhere that gut loading them with insects during their first year is good, but now I’ve been trying to get him back on the fruits & veges (banana, strawberry, rockmelon, salads, carrots) now that he’s getting bigger but he refuses to eat them, should I be stubborn and only feed him greens until he caves and eats them or should I wait till he gets older and continue to feed him only insects, any methods or advice would be fantastic.


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Most water dragons dont eat greens it isnt as much needed as a beardie would need . A water dragons green consumption should mbe about 10 15% they eat mostly insects and also eat Fish Mice and Snails as often as you can offer them
Their much more spunk then our loved beardies Bigger , stronger and have a more hardy stomach you could feed a full grown mouse to a water dragon possibly once a week they also eat crab . Greens to feed would be like escarole endive and dandelion green . Water dragons love fruit my cousins go crazy for fruit
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