My first DIY background and Zeus realizing he can climb it lol


I wasn’t looking to do anything super fancy or expensive it being my first time. I just didn’t want no background and I get tired of picture backgrounds. This is a 4x2x2 tank. I think now that my first one went well, I can get into more elaborate and fancy backgrounds with added levels or I can add on to this one. I think I’ve watched enough YouTube to really get something going with more depth and levels. All I wanted was something simple with a little 3D depth and I achieved that.

Only took about five days total with drying and he loves it. He finally has something to climb in his tank versus climbing my curtains when I let him out. I plan to redecorate the entire enclosure as most of the decor was transferred from a smaller tank.


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That looks really good, it's fun to watch them climb on stuff.


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Wow it looks really neat and naturalistic! Little guy has so much space to explore! Pls update when you’ve finished the whole tank, loving the aesthetic 👍

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