My dragon seems to like to be cold.

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Starting in July when I take Ember out of her tank to run around, after walking the perimeter of the room sometimes she goes to the A/C vent and lays next to it or just stands in front of it and stays there until I pick her up. Also she goes in the bathroom and seems to like the cold floor even though her claws slip on it.
At first I was thinking her cage might be too hot because her basking spot got to 103. So I turn it down to 97 since she is almost a year old and does not need it as hot as a younger dragon. After I changed the temp she still likes being cold and also likes to lie down on plastic bags.
So is my dragon crazy for wanting to be cold :?:
Here are some pictures of Ember near the A/C vent for proof.



I don't know anything about dragons liking to be cold, but I feel like mine likes it too, never laid by ac vent though. But outside of the tank he is much more active. i hope someone can answer this for you though.


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When Lexi is out of her tank, its like a cool down period for her, it seems. she will go near the AC vent sometimes, or crawl into a darker spot and cool down and take a nap. thats the way i look at it, like a little reprieve from the heat, a nice little cool down :)
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